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WhatsApp to Sue users if caught sending too many messages

WhatsApp has faced huge criticism among the crowd for not being able to control the spread of misleading messages. So far, the Company Banned Accounts which spread bulk or automated behavior on its platforms. Now, WhatsApp has gone a step further to prevent the abuse. The Company will take legal action against users who send bulk messages. Facebook Owned Messaging App WhatsAPp to take legal action on those who are exploiting the Platform having 1.5 Billion Users.

Although, WhatsApp has the ability to block the users who didn’t adhere to terms and services the company took a move to take legal action in order to cut down the spread of fake news. This will let WhatsApp control how a user uses its platform. WhatsApp said in FAQ Sections of its Website that from December 7th it will take legal action if anyone uses the platform for automated or bulk messages.

The Company stated that App is meant to be used as a private messaging app or for companies to interact with customers.  It will take strict action against those who send spam messages. WhatsApp will Punish them, who are using the app in unauthorised ways. However, the company didn’t specify what legal action it would take if a person violates the terms of use.

WhatsApp wrote in its whitepapers that they use machine learning systems to identify the abusive and suspicious accounts.  In fact, the company detects such accounts during the Signup or messaging process and then bans them from operating anymore. The Company removes around 2 million users per month for bulk and automated behavior. This move by WhatsApp is to limit the bulk messages particularly during the time of elections.

Due to widespread of fake news the company limited the number of times a user can forward a single message. You can send to only five numbers at a time in an attempt to halt the fake information spread. This feature was tested in 2018 after the app being reportedly blamed for a string of mob attacks in the country.

Over the course of time, WhatsApp has seen a rise in fake news, provocative messages being viral. Thus, the company will start suing its users as a part of stopping illegal activity.

Inspite of the restrictions, the Company has set users are still violating the terms and service. This is why the company thought of taking serious action on all those and limit fake news spread across its platform. Reuters Investigation found that many of the digital marketing firms are using tools to avoid Whatsapp Terms. These Firms are sending bulk messages to users.

The Company is putting its efforts from the past few months to fight against automated behavior. WhatsApp will sue the users who engage themselves or assist others to violate the Terms and Use. The Actions such as using the App for bulk messaging or for non-personal use. It did mention in one of its white papers in detailed steps on how it’s going to fight such automotive behavior.

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