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Voss Water Prices – Facts & Properties of this Norwegian-based brand!

Water-Water everywhere but not a drop to drink. Indeed, today with so much pollution, we are not able to find fresh underground water than we used 2 decades ago. Due to pesticides and other garbage disposals, water today is contaminated, and it isn’t very easy to drink it without purifying it. 

Celebrities, common man, some NGOs, and private companies have taken the initiative to clean the polluted water and find new ways so that we leave enough water for our children. Water is, without a doubt, the most important part of our life. There are so many natural sources for us to make drinkable water from, but because of the contamination and bacterias, we can’t afford to drink any tap water today! But, with Voss water bottles, we can finally trust the tap water again. 

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The money spent on the water is an investment to make sure you have a healthy body. Many people compromise and cut their cost and drink normal water, but because of unwanted bacteria and viruses, people often end up spending three times more on their medicines so, forget about the cost and stay healthy by drinking Voss still water. Go through the below sections and know Voss water glass bottle sizes and prices.

Price of Voss Water

One might think that with such purity, the Voss Water prices must hit the skies. But in fact, Voss artesian water is within your pocket! Voss water price per bottle is within the range starts from $1.79 and goes as high as $2.74. The important fact to notice is that the Voss water bottle price and Voss water glass bottle price is the same; it all starts from 1.79 dollars and goes up to 2.78 dollars.

Voss sparkling water restaurant prices start from 1.89 dollars and go as high as 3 dollars. Since Dywane Johnson is the brand ambassador for Voss, Voss waters offer special Jumanji water bottles as well. The price of Voss water is the same as it is for Voss still water bottles. Voss water bottles sizes varies from 500 ml to 800 ml. Below you can check the Voss water sizes and price of each size at different stores.

Voss Water Price List

Voss Water prices at Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens are as follows.

Type Size Voss Price
Voss Water Walmart
Voss Sparkling Water Walmart 800mL $2.74
Voss Still Water 800mL $2.74
Voss Sparkling Water Price 12.7 oz. $2.19
Voss Water Walgreens
Voss Still Water 16.9 oz. (500mL) $1.79

Voss Water Properties

The dangerous bacteria found in the water is invisible to the naked eye. For common men like us, the purity is judged by the TDS level, which is Total Dissolved Solids in the water. The pH level of the water also judges the purity of water. We want the pH level of drinking water to be neutral, neither too acidic nor too basic. 

Luckily, the Voss glass water bottle is just the water bottle for us. Voss water pH is around 7.6, which makes it almost alkaline. According to the Voss water review, the TDS level of Voss sparkling water is very low, which makes it very clean and super fresh to drink. 

To all those parents who are trying to make their children drink a lot of water in winters, you can relax since Voss water comes in various types. Below are some of the various kinds of Voss water. 


  1. Flavoured Sparkling water: This sparkling water is for all those people who try their best to be hydrated but like some change of taste! So, with Voss flavored sparkling water, you can stay fit since it contains no sugar, no calories. The best part of this sparkling water is that you need not worry about the pH of Voss water being increased by all the flavor since it is well taken care of. 
  2. Sparkling Water: If you are bored with the normal tap water and want a new camping partner, then Voss sparkling water is the best choice for you. It has a very low TDS. Thanks to its fine bubbles, it is the purest water that you will ever drink! Due to Voss water bottle sizes being small enough, you can carry them everywhere. 
  3. Voss Still water: Calm your body and give your soul a treat with the fresh taste of Voss water, it is the cleanest still water out today. Many doctors recommend Voss detox water to remove toxic substances from your body.
  4. Voss water with fruits: Take away the water and fruits fusion to your house. With Voss water with fruits, you can get all the minerals and vitamins from fruits with the purest water by Voss. The available fruits are strawberries, oranges, kiwi, cherry, blueberry lemon, mint, etc. You can make your fusion drinks by mixing some fruits and antioxidants like lemon and mint to add fun to nutritious!

Voss Water Nutrition Facts

Voss water comes from Norway. Because of its certified laboratory tests, Voss water is considered as one of the safest liquid to drink by US Federals. Voss water is taken from the aquifer in Norway, which is protected from air and other pollutants. Voss analytical tests control high quality. These tests are performed frequently at the source to ensure the constancy of the minerals. 

As we know, Voss supplies three types of waters; the nutritious facts about them are as follows:

  1. Voss Still water: Voss water is inside the layers of rock and sand, which are natural filters. The Voss still water contains 4% Sodium, 3% Calcium, 5% Chlorine, and minimum amounts of sulfate. The TDS is very less around 44, and the pH is neutral.  
  2. Voss Sparkling water: The Voss sparkling water contains a lot of Sodium, 3% Calcium, 5% Chlorine, and minimum amounts of sulfate. The TDS is 300, and the pH is acidic. 
  3. Voss Flavoured water: The Voss flavored water nutrients depends upon the flavor added. The standard nutrients every flavor contains is as follows: 100 parts of Sodium, 3% Calcium, 5% Chlorine, and minimum amounts of sulfate. The TDS is 300, and the pH is acidic.


Where to buy Voss Water?

 You can buy it online on Amazon or you can get Voss Water from stores like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc.

Why is Voss Water so expensive?

Voss Water comes from Norway, so due to its transportation and company brand value, it is costly. 

Is Voss Water good?

Voss Water is clean and pure with no minerals.

How much is Voss Water?

The price range for a bottle varies from $1.79 to $2.78

Is Voss Water Alkaline?

Voss Water is of pH 7.6. It is very less alkaline. 

How much does Voss Water cost?

Voss Water price ranges start from as high as 1.79 dollars and goes up to 2.78 dollars.

What is the pH of Voss Water?

The pH value for Voss Water is 7.6.

What is the difference between Voss Water and Regular Water?

Voss Water is pumped from an underground aquifer in Norway. 

Is Voss Water just Tap Water?

Yes, it is just tap water from underground aquifers in Norway.

Can you refill Voss Water bottles?

Yes, you can fill Voss Water bottles again and again.

What is Walgreens Voss water price?

Voss price per bottle of 500 ml is around $1.79 at Walgreens.


Voss comes in between work and play. People who shifted to using Voss water daily have seen a significant change in their health and mind. Our body is made up of 70% water, and we need to keep ourselves hydrated all the time. So, why not hydrate ourselves with the best water from Norway? With Voss Live every drop campaign, it assures that your life is in safe hands. So, check out the Voss Water prices here, buy at your favorite store, take your Voss water bottle to your work, play, and everything in between!

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