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Vitamin Water Prices & Flavors at your Favorite Store!

Glaceau or Energy Brands is one of the famous beverage manufacturing and bottling companies headquartered in Whitestone, Queens, New York. Currently, a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company, Energy Brands, was founded in May 1996 by J Darius Bikoff. Around 750 employees work with the company, Mike Repole, being the president of the company.

Energy brands initially began with the launch of Smartwater, which was distributed to stores and local retailers of New York. The business was expanded nationwide with the launch of Fruit water and Vitamin Water. The company has also launched a zero sugar product line named Vitamin Water zero in 2010 for those who want their drink to be sugar-free. This water is one of the best selling products for Energy brands. Now we will see the Vitamin Water Prices at different stores.

Vitamin Water Price Range

Vitamin Water is one of the most popular products of Glaceau. It is available in two different sizes in the market, one is a 20 fluid ounce bottle, and another is 32 fluid ounce bottle. Both Vitamin Water and Vitamin Water zero are available in several different flavors. Vitamin Water 20-ounce fluid bottles come between $1-$1.5 while the Vitamin Water variety pack is priced around $15. For different sizes, check out the Vitamin Water Prices in below table.

Vitamin Water Prices image

Vitamin Water Prices at Stores

Vitamin Water6 x 16.9 oz.$4.79
Vitamin Water20 oz.$1.09
Vitamin Water6 x 16.9 oz.$3.98
Vitamin Water20 oz.$0.94
Vitamin Water20 oz.$1.39
Vitamin Water Variety Pack20 x 20 oz.$15.49
Vitamin Water20 oz.$1.79
Vitamin Water20 oz.$1.67
Sam’s Club
Vitamin Water Variety Pack20 x 20 oz.$15.48

Vitamin Water Properties and Flavors

Vitamin Water consists of reverse osmosis water, crystalline fructose, less than 1% of cane sugar, vitamins C, B5, B6, B12 pantothenate. And also it has, electrolytes (calcium and magnesium lactate and potassium phosphate), taurine, citric acid, vegetable juices, natural flavors, zinc gluconate, Chromium Polynicotinate.

Vitamin Water Flavors

  • Fire or Vitamin Water Fire (spicy watermelon-lime)
  • Ice (cool blueberry-lavender)
  • Refresh (tropical mango)
  • Power-c (dragonfruit)
  • Energy or Vitamin Water Energy (tropical citrus)
  • Focus (kiwi-strawberry)
  • Breeze – e (strawberry watermelon)
  • Xxx (açai-blueberry-pomegranate)
  • Essential (orange-orange)
  • Revive (fruit punch)

Another product line that contains no sugar is Glaceau Vitamin Water Zero. It consists of reverse osmosis water, less than 1% of citric acid, erythritol, magnesium lactate, gum acacia, calcium lactate and potassium phosphate (electrolyte sources), phosphoric acid, vitamin c, calcium phosphate, natural flavors, stevia leaf extract, glycerol ester of rosin, vitamin B5, vitamin E, vitamin B6, zinc gluconate, vitamin A palmitate. 

Vitamin Water Zero Flavors

  • Focus (kiwi-strawberry)
  • Go-go (mixed berry)
  • Reset (Pineapple coconut)
  • Rise (orange)
  • Shine (strawberry lemonade)
  • Power – c (dragonfruit/ Vitamin Water Dragonfruit)
  • Xxx (açai-blueberry-pomegranate)
  • Revive (fruit punch)
  • Squeezed (lemonade/ Vitamin Water Zero Lemonade)

Right way to consume Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water is one of the most popular drinks in the beverage industry that is loaded with vitamins and minerals. But drinking Vitamin Water in excess can cause many problems. It contains fructose, which is responsible for many health problems. Not only this but drinking Vitamin Water in excess may also lead to obesity. So it is very necessary to drink Vitamin Water in moderate amounts.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Check the seal of the Vitamin Water bottle before buying it.
  • Check the expiry date of the bottle.


  • Don’t drink Vitamin Water in excess. 

Amazing Facts about Vitamin Water

  • Vitamin Water conducted a “No phone for a year contest” in which the applicants have to go a year without their smartphones or tablet to get a chance to win prize money worth $100000. The challenge is also called as Vitamin Water challenge
  • Glaceau Vitamin Water is the best selling product and had earned more than 300 million in revenues by 2006.
  • The idea of Vitamin Water struck J. Darius Bikoff when he was catching a cold and decided to take vitamin c and drank some mineral water separately. He then thought of making a drink combining both. 


Is Vitamin Water Good for you?

If taken in moderate amounts, Vitamin Water is considered to be healthy.

Is Vitamin Water Zero Good for you?

Vitamin Water Zero doesn’t have enough vitamins. But still, it can be considered if one wants to increase fluid intake.

Does Vitamin Water have Electrolytes?

Yes. Vitamin Water have Electrolytes

Is Vitamin Water Healthy?

Vitamin Water is healthy if taken in limited amounts. 

Who owns Vitamin Water?

J Darius Bikoff owns Vitamin Water.

How much sugar is in Vitamin Water?

A 20-ounce bottle of Vitamin Water contains about 32 grams of sugar.

How many calories in Vitamin Water?

According to official Vitamin Water Calories list, a 20 fluid ounce bottle of Vitamin Water contains about 120 calories.

How healthy is Vitamin Water?

Vitamin Water contains essential minerals and vitamins that are beneficial for the human body.


Over the years, Energy brands have manufactured many enhanced water products. Out of them, Vitamin Water is the top-selling one, which is made by combining distilled water, minerals, and several herbs. So if you want to stay hydrated and intake minerals and vitamins, refer Vitamin Water prices above and try a bottle of it today.

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