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Truecaller to add Free Voice VoIP Calling Feature

Truecaller famous as Anti- Spam Software rolls out a new Voice Call Feature which enables Voice Calls over the VoIP Protocol. This new feature will be available on all Android Devices from July 10th. Voice Calling Feature will roll out on its Android Devices. iOS Version is expected to arrive in the coming months. The Stockholm-based company adds new Voice Feature to its list of Superpowers.

Truecaller Voice acts the same as any other VoIP app. If you are already using Truecaller you might be aware of UI which has dialer and access to contacts. The Same UI is now available to place calls to other Truecaller Users through the app. Things have changed drastically after the Reliance Jio network launch with free voice calls at low priced data services. Jio has become one of the top three telecos in the nation with 300 million users.

Quality of traditional calls is becoming low these days and are running out of quality issues. Truecaller will rely on data services such as Mobile Data and Wifi and can work even on a patchy network. The Company is looking forward to expanding its business other than being a Caller ID App.

Truecaller allows you to make free, high quality and latency VoIP calls which connect quickly over mobile data or Wi-Fi Network. Truecaller Voice Shortcut is added to in-app locations like Call Logs, SMS, After Call Screen, Contact Profile. Everyone believed that this feature is limited to Premium Subscribers. But, it appears that this feature is going to be available to all the Truecaller users.

Truecaller added a few features to make the experience better for its customers.

Smart Call History

Users can replace entirely the Phone Dialer if they wish. Through this feature, you can see the names and numbers of people calling you. You can know the identity of the person calling you even if they want to hide. Smart Calling History finds the name of the contact whether it is saved in your phone or not. This feature allows you to find your family and friends availability. You can replace native phone dialer and make calls with Truecaller.

Call Me Back

Callers can send Push Notifications to Contact Phones in order to remain them calling back to the caller. The Company added an update including flash messaging and mobile payments. True Caller integrated with Google Duo so that customers can make calls without leaving the True Caller App.

Over the years, Truecaller added an ability to send and receive SMS to Truecaller Users without ay charge.  Users can borrow hundreds of dollars with the crediting option. The Truecaller App is trying to take over control of all communication needs with this New Voice Call Feature.

New Voice Calling Feature engages only two people in a conversation at a time. As of now, there is no free voice calling for group chats. The Company’s new calling feature is speeding up along with Facebook and WhatsApp however it is lacking as it didn’t have group voice calling. Truecaller Voice Calling Feature has created a huge impact in countries like India as calls are quite expensive.

Truecaller Representative said that they are exploring free voice calling feature months ago. It tested this feature with alpha and beta group users earlier. There is good news for those looking for group voice calling. Truecaller is planning to roll out group voice calling support in the coming days however specific date is not yet announced.

The Company didn’t respond about the Security and Privacy Aspect of new voice calling feature. Truecaller didn’t announce about any encryption or safety features.

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