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TikTok Launches New Safety Features for Users

Tiktok Launches a New Device Management Feature through which users to have complete control of their account. This feature came into existence as a part of safety initiatives taken by the company. Users can end sessions or remove accounts from other devices within the TikTok App itself. As a result, you can better manage the safety of your accounts and prevent accounts from misuse.

Earlier Social Video Tiktok App introduced some safety features in China and the US. Now, the company did the same and introduced a localised safety centre. This local version includes tools, safety guidelines and resources to educate users about the product.

The Company claims that this is the fastest growing app when it comes to non-paid category. There is a drastic change in the users using the app compared to the earlier year. TikTok mentions that this Safety Center is available in ten major languages. Along with Safety Guidelines, you will get two resource pages on how to tackle anti-bullying, advisory regarding general elections.

The Company said, “TikTok constantly promotes a safe and positive app experience for its over 200 million users in India by offering them in-app tools and educational content to equip them with all the information they need to have the best possible experience while showcasing their creativity.”

This New Feature is an addition to the TikTok’s 13 Safety Features. These features are designed to protect users and they include age gate, screen time management, comments filter, restricted mode, and safety centre etc. Usually, all these features help users to showcase their creative expression using videos.

Furthermore, TikTok came up with a series of Educational Videos both in Hindi and English. The Videos are to help users understand working in a fun-filled way. Videos Comprise useful information such as safety guidelines and tools for the users.

Device Management Feature

New Device Management Feature helps you learn how to keep your account private. The Localised Website Safety Center recommends you to use a strong password, not use any kind of personal information. In addition, you will learn about Restricted Mode and can reject content which is not age appropriate. Users can even enable the Digital Wellness feature in order to limit the screen hours number.

TikTok in recent times launched a comment filter feature. Users can prevent hateful, predatory, obscene comments from appearing on their videos. Users can self define keywords in English and Hindi, filter out unwelcoming words in the comment section.

The company having 200 million users, says that new feature enables users to use the app in a wise and safe way. You can even choose the sessions you want to end. Video Platform TikTok pleads the users to utilise the platform to showcase their creativity. It also added that it will not endorse or promote videos which violate the guidelines or harm others or oneself.

TikTok Spokesperson said that they have seen a phenomenal user growth. The Company has the responsibility to provide guidelines to users on how to use the app in a safe and responsible way. TikTok is striving to ensure a safe and positive online environment.

The Company is taking drastic steps to improvise the safety and security of users across its platforms. The App got banned for showing illicit content and the issue came into the picture after a petition was filed in Madras High Court. However, the ban was lifted as Supreme Court directed Madras High Court to consider Parent Company’s Point.

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