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Spotify Redesign Highlights Podcasts, simplifies Navigation

Spotify is rolling out a new update through which you will get changes in the user interface of the app. The Redesign is available to the Spotify paid subscribers. Spotify Users can download the latest version via Google Apple Store or Apple Store. New Version of “Your Library” will be out to premium subscribers. Spotify announced a new playlist which comes with both Music and Podcasts.

The User Interface of the App has got a few improvements including Simpler Library and Podcasts Tab.  New” Your Library” includes features such as Music and Podcasts. Moreover, you can switch between Music and Podcasts easily and find the Podcasts Shows and Episodes.

Music app comes with simplified design attributes like Library Tab. The Music tab has been updated to make it simple for you to access the content you want. Earlier users used to get Playlists, Stations, Albums etc and now you can get Playlist Section Directly.

Under Music Section, you will have three tabs namely Playlists, Artists, Albums. “Playlists Section” contains the songs you liked as first playlists along with created playlists. You can Swipe Left to access both Artists and Albums Section easily. In “Artists Section”, you will have all your favorite artists you follow.

Coming to the “Albums Section”, you will have saved albums and on clicking the Download Option Whole Album will be downloaded. You can save all the Album Songs to Your Liked Songs playlist by clicking on the three-dot more menu.

Podcasts include Episodes, Downloads and Shows. With Episodes Tab you can seek new Podcasts or resume the earlier ones you are already listening to or pick up where you left off. On scrolling down, you will get newly released episodes of the shows you follow. On the other hand, the experience prioritizes your in progress episodes in chronological order.

In “Downloads Tab” you will have the episodes saved for offline listening. However, “Shows Tab” will allow you to manage and check out their Prior Episodes of Podcasts you follow. Shows will be ranked depending on the ones having new episodes.

Video Content has less importance in Spotify’s Redesign. However, the main focus is on Podcasts in the refreshed “Your Library” Section. The Company believes that Podcasts can shift radio advertising over the app by providing better targeting. However, Spotify is selling its own ads on original Podcasts since mid-2018.

As paid subscriptions constitute major revenue for Spotify the company is concentrating on Podcasts across the world. The Company made a deal with Obamas for exclusive Podcasts. Spotify came into partnership with multi-year partnership with a fellow based music company to produce a series of exclusive podcasts. Spotify Users located globally can access Obama’s Podcasts.

Apart from the Podcasts, Spotify’s Redesigned App is easy to navigate. Updated App is already available for free users and it is live for Premium Users as well. Furthermore, Redesigned App of Spotify makes music and Podcasts faster.

New streamlined music library provides everything on a single screen unlike the earlier one having your saved content on two different screens. In New Version, Music and Podcasts will be split into two tabs and each will be present in their own subsection. Users can swipe back and forth or tap on them directly to access.

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