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Smart Water Prices – Vapour Distilled Water at Affordable Range!

We would never have thought that there would be something like smart water available for purchase. But here it is, Glaceau smart water that tastes like you are drinking water straight from the cloud. 

This specific brand of water gets its product inspiration from clouds, and the makers have tried to induce how an actual cloud would taste like. Hence, it is vapor distilled water that you get with added electrolytes for a better taste. 

Pure water would probably taste like smart water, with its crisp taste like it’s coming out from a natural resource directly. The water used comes from a spring, and then it is processed to add further things like electrolytes in various Smart Water Bottle Sizes. 

Glaceau Smart Water Prices

Distributed by Coca Cola nationwide in various Smart water Sizes, Glaceau smart water comes from British springs. The water required for processing smart water is first taken from these springs and then distilled in other locations. Morpeth is the location where the final stages of the production take place. 

Glaceau smart water has now become the top company in the U.S. that manufactures premium but Cheapest Distilled Water. The crisp taste achieved by adding magnesium, calcium, etc. to the mix is the key secret of this success that Glaceau has made through the years.


If you are someone who goes to the gym regularly or works out quite often, then smart water would be great for your body as it replenishes all that we lose when we sweat. This is one of the key Benefits of Smart Water, among many others. Wanna check the Smart Water Prices of different bottle sizes?

Smart Water Price per Bottle at Different Stores

Check out the below Smart Water Prices of various bottle sizes and at different stores.

TypeSmartwater SizesPrice
Smart Water 23.7 oz. (700mL)$2.37
Smart Water 1L$2.77
Smart Water 6 x 1L$10.49
Smart Water 20 Oz20 oz.$2.19
Smart Water 1.5L$3.19
Smart Water 6 x 16.9 oz.$5.99
Sam’s Club
Smart Water15 x 23.7 oz. (700mL)$13.38
Smart Sparkling Water 1L$1.48
Smart Water 1.5L$2.08
Smart Water 6 x 1L$7.98
Smart Water 1L$1.48
Smart Water 23.7 oz. (700mL)$1.34
Smart Water15 x 1L$14.99
Smart Water 6 x 1L$8.39
Smart Water 23.7 oz. (700mL)$1.39
Smartwater 1 Liter1L$1.57
Smart Water.6 x 16.9 oz$5.49
Smart Water6 x 16.9 oz.$5.99
Smart Water23.7 oz. (700mL)$1.79
Smart Water1L$2.29
Smart Water1L$2.29
Smart Water23.7 oz. (700mL)$1.89
Smart Water1.5L$2.49

Smart Water Bottle Properties

The very different composition of smart water is what makes it truly smart. It is different than your basic water and any other smart water you will taste. Initially launched in the U.S, Glaceau smart water is now available in seven countries around the globe.

Anyone who loves smart knows that the taste it has is like no other. The credit of the great taste goes to the manufacturing process wherein the water is first evaporated to remove all the impurities that might be present. Condensation takes place after this, and the process ends with re-mineralizing the water through electrolytes. 

These electrolytes which have been added externally are the reason smart water is so different. They carry electrical charges which stimulate the muscles and nerves. You will feel the difference instantly when you drink from a bottle of smart water. 

The right blend of minerals in the water plays a crucial role, which Glaceau has been able to perfect through the years the brand has been selling smart water. The perfect mix can be really good for the body and help bring in good changes. 

How to Consume Smart Water the Right Way?

Smart water has been known to the world for a long while, but it has recently become popular because of its increasing demand. The brand also launched a sparkling water version of Smart water 1 Litre, which has carbon in it. 

In usual cases, people prefer having a basic version of Smart Water 20 Oz only, for its crisp taste and the amazing energy it gives them. The best time to have a bottle of smart water is after your workout session when you have rested for a bit. One can also have smart water in place of regular water at any point.

Not everyone wishes to replace the basic tap water with smart water in their lives, but it would be a beneficial thing to do. It would be like having a purer version of water because the tap water itself goes through many processes, after which the smart water you know is achieved.

Many restaurants also now serve Smart Water Sparkling in their menus. Many drinks, as well as taste better when smart water is used. You can try a few recipes for yourself to know the difference that Glaceau brings in.

Interesting Smart Water Facts

Something like smart water, which is a refined version of what we use every day, is bound to have some interesting facts behind it. From its process to how it came to being smart, water is very interesting to know. 

  • Smart Water Nutrition Facts show that it is purified using Ozone, which is the last step in the process of manufacturing, but it doesn’t have a taste at all. 
  • Glaceau smart water has no microorganisms in it because they are all first destroyed using ultraviolet light disinfection. 
  • The brand has a few plants that draw their water from reserved local water systems, reserved only for them. Other plants get tap water from municipality sources only. 
  • Despite all the additions, there are zero calories in smart water. 
  • No added flavors have been used to manufacture smart water, and it is also certified to be gluten-free.

Places where Smart Water Banned

Smart water was originally introduced in the U.S. to add a product of water, which isn’t just good in quality but is good in taste as well. As it was acquired by the Coca-Cola company later on and Smart Water Review had been great, the franchise was expanded to seven countries in total. 

Today, you will find Smart Water Bottle in any store near you in 750 ml quantity mostly. Stores like Kmart, Costco, Target, Sam’s Club, and Walgreens, etc. have 1l bottles as well as Smart Water 12 Pack. Mini bottles of quantity 2 0z are available only in a few locations. You should be able to easily find one of these variants in stores near you with almost the same Smart Water cost.


Is Smart Water good for you?

The added electrolytes replenish the minerals in our body, hence Smart Water is good for you.

Is Smart Water bad for you?

There are no known Smart Water Side Effects. It is only the purer version of your tap water. 

Is Smart Water alkaline water?

Smart water pH is around 7, which indicates it is neutral, not alkaline. 

Is Smart Water distilled? 

Yes, Smart Water is distilled because it goes through a process called vapor distillation for purification and adding Smart Water Electrolytes.

What is Smart Water?

Smart Water is a purified version of basic water and has added electrolytes for crisp taste.

Are Smart Water bottles BPA free?

The bottle that Glaceau has for its Smart Water is BPA free and disposable as well.

How much is Smart Water?

Smart Water Price of a 1l bottle will most probably come to under $3 depending on where you are buying it from. 

Where does Smart Water come from?

The water used for manufacturing Smart Water comes from municipality sources or local water systems. 


Smart water is not your basic water. Rather it is a reflection of the smart idea of making water taste better. Everything about it is so crisp and clean that you will surely feel like you are drinking something entirely different. It will be like drinking natural water from a stream because the process depicts how nature makes water for us. The Smart Water price per Bottle also isn’t much for all the benefits you are getting in return. Keep visiting to get the updated Smart Water Prices from time to time.

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