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Red Bull Prices of all Flavors at Different Stores (Latest)

Red Bull is an energy drink, was curated by an Austrian company in 1987. It is one of the most popular energy drinks that is currently in the markets. Red Bull goes by the slogan ‘Red Bull gives you wings.’ The founder of the drink got inspired by another energy drink in Thailand and improvised the ingredients to suit the tastes of the westerners.

Red Bull is usually consumed by people when they are tired, but they need to stay alert. Hence it is less of an energy provider for physical activities than it is a mental booster. The company once faced a lawsuit worth millions, where a man claimed that he didn’t get his wings even though he had been drinking Red Bull for years. Red Bull Prices differs from store to store and also the cost of flavors will be different. Check out all those in below section.

Prices of Red Bull Energy Drink

The prices of Red Bull vary depending on the weight of the product as well as the variety that it belongs to, for example, sugarfree, different editions, etc. The Red Bull price per can also vary from store to store, for example, Red Bull prices at Walmart for an original 8.4oz can cost less than the same can in Walgreens. The 12oz and 16oz can cost noticeably more than the 8.4oz cans irrespective of the stores they are in. Most of the famous chains have prices of Red Bull ranging from $1.90 to $6.90.

Red Bull Prices image

Red Bull Costco prices are higher than some other stores. Some high-end bars may charge more for the same cans that you can find in stores like Walmart, Costco, CVS, etc. Some stores like Sam’s Club, Target, etc. have these in packs of four if you want them in bulk, charging accordingly for Red Bull sizes and prices.

Red Bull Sizes and Prices

Type / Red Bull FlavorsSizePrice
Sugar Free24 x 8.4 oz. Can$33.89
Original24 x 8.4 oz. Can$33.89
Original 16 oz. Can$3.39
Sugar Free 16 oz. Can$3.39
The Orange Edition 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.99
The Yellow Edition 12 oz. Can$2.99
Original Red Bull price per Can4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.99
Sugar Free 12 x 8.4 oz. Can$19.99
The Yellow Edition 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.99
The Red Edition 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.99
The Green Edition 12 oz. Can$2.99
Original 12 x 8.4 oz. Can$19.99
Original 20 oz. Can$4.69
The Blue Edition 12 oz. Can$2.99
The Summer Edition (Limited)12 oz. Can$2.99
The Lime Edition12 oz. Can$2.99
Sugar Free 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.99
Sugar Free 20 oz. Can$4.69
The Blue Edition 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.99
Target Red Bull Prices
Sugar Free Red Bull4 x 12 oz. Can$10.49
The Yellow Edition 12 oz. Can$2.79
The Yellow Edition 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.59
The Green Edition 12 oz. Can$2.79
Sugar Free Red Bull4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.59
Sugar Free 12 x 8.4 oz. Can$19.79
The Blue Edition 12 oz. Can$2.79
The Orange Edition 12 oz. Can$2.79
Original 16 oz. Can$3.49
The Red Edition 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.59
The Lime Edition 12 oz. Can$2.79
Original 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.59
Original 4 x 12 oz. Can$10.49
The Blue Edition 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.59
Original 12 x 8.4 oz. Can$19.79
Original 12 oz. Can$2.59
Original 8.4 oz. Can$1.99
Sugar Free 8.4 oz. Can$1.99
The Purple Edition 12 oz. Can$2.79
The Orange Edition 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.59
Sugar Free 12 oz. Can$2.59
Walmart Red Bull Price
The Lime Edition 12 oz. Can$2.5
Original 12 oz. Can$2.5
The Red Edition 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.24
The Blue Edition 12 oz. Can$2.5
Sugar Free 8.4 oz. Can$1.98
The Yellow Edition 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.24
Sugar Free12 oz. Can$2.5
The Yellow Edition 12 oz. Can$2.5
The Green Edition 12 oz. Can$2.5
The Orange Edition 12 oz. Can$2.5
Sugar Free 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.24
Sugar Free 12 x 8.4 oz. Can$18.73
Original 16 oz. Can$3.27
Original 4 x 12 oz. Can$9.86
Total Zero 12 oz. Can$2.5
The Red Edition 12 oz. Can$2.5
The Blue Edition 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.24
Original 12 x 8.4 oz. Can$18.73
Original 20 oz. Can$3.98
The Purple Edition 12 oz. Can$2.5
Original 8.4 oz. Can$1.98
The Orange Edition 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.24
Original4 x 8.4 oz. Can$6.24
Sam’s Club Red Bull Can Prices
Original 12 x 16 oz. Can$32.38
Original 24 x 8.4 oz. Can$34.38
Sugar Free 24 x 8.4 oz. Can$33.88
The Red Edition 12 x 16 oz. Can$49.98
The Blue Edition 12 x 16 oz. Can$49.98
Walgreens Red Bull Prices
The Blue Edition 12 oz. Can$3.19
Original 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$7.99
Sugar Free 8.4 oz. Can$2.29
Original 8.4 oz. Can$2.29
The Lime Edition 12 oz. Can$3.19
The Green Edition 12 oz. Can$3.19
Original 12 oz. Can$3.19
Sugar Free 12 oz. Can$3.19
The Purple Edition 12 oz. Can$3.19
The Orange Edition 12 oz. Can$3.19
The Red Edition 12 oz. Can$3.19
Original 20 oz. Can$4.49
Sugar Free 16 oz. Can$3.99
Original 16 oz. Can$3.99
Sugar Free 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$7.99
The Blue Edition 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$7.99
The Red Edition 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$7.99
The Yellow Edition 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$7.99
Total Zero 12 oz. Can$3.19
The Yellow Edition 12 oz. Can$3.19
The Summer Edition (Limited) 12 oz. Can$3.19
The Purple Edition 12 oz. Can$3.29
Sugar Free 12 oz. Can$3.29
The Lime Edition 12 oz. Can$3.29
Original 12 oz. Can$3.29
Red Bull Sugar Free8.4 oz. Can$2.37
Original 4 x 8.4 oz. Can$8.29
The Blue Edition 12 oz. Can$3.29
The Orange Edition 12 oz. Can$3.29
The Red Edition 12 oz. Can$3.29
Original 16 oz. Can$3.99
Sugar Free 16 oz. Can$3.99
Original 8.4 oz. Can$2.37
Original 20 oz. Can$4.79
The Green Edition 12 oz. Can$3.29
The Yellow Edition 12 oz. Can$3.29
Red Bull Sugar Free20 oz. Can$4.79

Red Bull Drink Properties

Red Bull nutrition facts do not claim to have any amounts of alcohol constituents, although it does have caffeine, taurine, and other salts. The main ingredients also include sugars like sucrose and glucose, which are eliminated from the sugar-free Red Bull ingredients and replaced with sweeteners like Acesulfame K and aspartame. In a 100 ml can, Red Bull Caffeine Content goes up-to 80mg easily. Sugar Free Red Bull Ingredients are Caffeine, B-group vitamins, Taurine, Sucralose & Acesulfame K, and Alpine Water.

Ways to consume Red Bull Energy Drink

Since Red Bull energy drink is an energizer, it is usually not mixed with anything else before consumption, to not dilute its effect. Most customers like to drink it while it is mildly cold so that they can drink it as quickly as they can. The new Red Bull flavors make it easier to like the product that is supposed to provide us energy and should be drunk in a go.

Do’s and Don’ts

There are some basic do’s and don’ts that we need to or should follow while drinking any energy drink and not just Red Bull.

  •  As opposed to popular belief, Red Bull energy drinks should not be consumed before rigorous physical activities. 
  • Since the Red Bull can price is so low, people tend to drink it more than twice in a single day, which is not good for the body.
  • Red Bull should not be mixed with alcohol. The solution often proves to be harmful.
  • Even though the Red Bull caffeine content is low, we must keep a tab on our caffeine intake per day.
  • To maintain sugar intake for the day, you can opt for Red Bull sugar-free versions.

Interesting facts about Red Bull

There is a lot of interesting stuff about Red Bull that many people are not aware of. One is that Red Bull can be priced so affordable that the brand has sold over 40 billion drinks.

  • Red Bull cola was introduced in 2008 and is surprisingly made completely of natural ingredients.
  • Red Bull was one of the first energy drinks; hence it has a hand in creating the energy drink industry.
  • There is a special version of the Red Bull available only for formula 1 VIPs.
  • Red Bull was first introduced in the United States in 1987.

Recipes with Red Bull

Even though the prices of Red Bull energy drinks are usually low, It is often not mixed with other drinks while consuming. Although, there are a few recipes that can be tried out with the Red Bull energy drink.

  • Excitabull: It constitutes of 1oz Vodka, 1oz Peach schnapps, 1 can Red Bull, and is topped off with cranberry juice.
  • The champagne cocktail: You mix 750 ml of champagne with 8.4oz Red Bull add a few pieces of ice, and you’re good to go.
  • Race Horse: Mix 1 fluid ounce of Vodka, ½ fluid ounce of liquor, 2 fluid ounces of Red Bull, 2 fluid ounces of lemon soda, and 1 teaspoon of honey.

Places where Red Bull Banned

There is a ban on various kinds of alcoholic drinks across a number of states like Washington, Oklahoma, Utah, etc. But, non-alcoholic drinks like Red Bull energy drink has also faced a lot of atrocities in recent times. There are a few places like Norway, Uruguay, and Denmark that have banned the drink. Whereas people in France, Turkey, Ireland, Sweden, and the U.S are stating concerns.


How much caffeine is present in Red Bull?

In 100 grams of Red Bull energy drink is 30mg.

What does Red Bull taste like?

According to most customers, Red Bull tastes good. It doesn’t feel like you’re consuming an energy drink.

How long does Red Bull last?

Depending on how fast you drink your Red Bull, its effects can last about 45-60 minutes. This is the period when the caffeine influx is high in your blood, and you will feel the most energized and alert.

What is Red Bull made of?

We have mentioned the same in the ‘Red Bull properties section,’ but in short, it consists of water, a variety of sugars, caffeine, and taurine.

What is Red Bull?

Red Bull is an energy drink manufactured by an Austrian company. It claims to increase your energy levels every time you need it.

How much taurine is present in Red Bull?

According to Red Bull nutritional facts, a 250ml can of Red Bull contains about 1 gram of taurine.

What flavor is a Red Bull?

There are a variety of new Red Bull flavors available in the market. Although they are named as different editions, some famous flavors are tropical, blueberry, cranberry, kiwi twist, etc.

Why is Red Bull bad for you?

Experts say that the amount of sugar present in the Red Bull is harmful to our body. Not only the sugars but the amounts of caffeine intake also need to be kept in check, with the Red Bull Can prices so low, people tend to consume it in excessive amounts.

How many calories are there in a Red Bull?

The Red Bull drink claims to contain only 45 calories per 100 grams.

Why is Red Bull so expensive?

Due to the use of several artificial ingredients, the manufacturing cost increases, which leads to high prices of Red Bull.

What does Red Bull have in it?

Red Bull has different amounts of water, sugar, caffeine, and taurine mixed into it.

How much sugar is present in Red Bull?

Red Bull contains about 27grams per 8.4 fluid ounces of drink.

How much does a Red Bull cost?

The Red Bull prices vary from store to store and also depending on editions you purchase. It mostly ranges from $1.9 to $6.9. Refer to the ‘price ranges’ section for more details.

Final Words

The Red Bull energy drink prices vary depending on a lot of factors. Although the Red Bull Prices are affordable for the smaller sizes, they do seem a little pricey for the bigger ones. The Red Bull can also change from store to store and edition to edition. The drink does seem to do a good job of providing energy at a fair price.

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