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Powerade Prices – Add a New Flavor to your Game!

The energy that is being consumed during intense physical activities like running or during sports is extremely tough to recover. The amount of power drained can be brought back by limbering down or through nutrition retention only as researchers suggested back then. But now the scenario is a bit different as nutritionists and diet planners have come together with mass producers of drinks to configure a potion that can be used to generate energy in high-intensity activities and even after that.

Powerade Prices image
Powerade Prices image

YES!!!!!!! I am talking about energy drinks! We all must have encountered many energy drinks at different points of time out of different reasons. There are a lot of many energy drinks available in the market. Before opting for any one of them, one should be well informed about various parameters related to that drink. 

Apart from a general overview of the energy drinks, we now switch to one of the most promising power drinks that are POWERADE DRINK! This article covers all the significant parameters that you must look for while consuming one. Starting from introduction to Powerade energy drink leaping toward Powerade price per bottle, Powerade flavor list including blue raspberry cherry Powerade and Powerade and vodka then Powerade sizes as well as sugar-free Powerade. Let us start a brief study about what exactly is Powerade drink all about.

Powerade Price at all Stores

The latest Powerade prices are described in this section on various platforms that sell Powerade. Powerade on sale does not have much difference in prices. According to CVS, a 32 oz bottle cost around $1.87, while 4x20oz bottle costs around $3.19. The Kmart prices suggest that the Powerade cost is $ 1.00.

Target sells Powerade 32 oz bottles of worthwhile 8×20 oz bottles cost around $4.26. Walgreen price chart shows the Powerade price for Cans and different Powerade sizes, the 32 oz bottle costs $1.99, and 4×20 oz costs $2.99. Lastly, the price chart of Walmart has a statistics rate of Powerade drinks that states the 32 oz bottle costs $0.80 while 20 oz bottle costs around $1.48, in addition to this 8×20 oz bottle, costs $4.48. Below you can check out the Powerade prices of different bottle sizes.

Prices of Powerade

Type Powerade Sizes Price
Powerade 32 oz. Bottle $0.68
Powerade 8 x 20 oz. Bottle $4.48
Powerade 20 oz. Bottle $1.48
Powerade 32 oz. Bottle $1.00
Walgreens Powerade Prices
Powerade 4 x 20 oz. Bottle $2.99
Powerade 32 oz. Bottle $1.99
Powerade 4 x 20 oz. Bottle $3.19
Powerade 32 oz Bottle $1.87
Target cost of Powerade
Powerade 8 x 20 oz. Bottle $4.29
Powerade 32 Oz Price 32 oz. Bottle $0.89

What is Powerade?

Powerade Drink is an energy drink widely used as a sports drink produced and marketed by the beverage company “The Coca-Cola Company.” It started in 1988, and right now, it is available in numerous parts of the world, including The United States, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and many other continents. It is a low-calorie drink that tastes sweet and has fructose corn syrup as the sweetening ingredient.

Well, the ingredients and nutritional fact of a drink is the most important component that needs to be studied before consuming anything like a sports drink. It contains four electrolytes that include sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The combination of these four electrolytes helps the body to stay hydrated and maintain the volume of blood contained by the muscles. It also helps in retaining the energy after excessive physical work. 

Powerade Nutrition Facts

The drink contains several components that build up the whole series of best Powerade flavors. So before starting with the nutritional facts of Powerade energy drink, be it blue Powerade or sugar free Powerade, the basic construction along with ingredients remain the same.

The major ingredients involved include water, high fructose syrup, salt, Potassium citrate, Sodium citrate, phenylalanine, sucrose, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, malic acid, and sugar. Sugar and fructose syrup is found absent in the sugar free Powerade. 

Coming on the Powerade Nutrition Facts, talking about serving size 8 oz that amounts to 237 mL, the calorie intake is 130. As calculated by nutritionists all over the world, trans fat and saturated fat is found 0% proving it extremely healthy and fit for athletes.

The cholesterol percentage is also found to be zero, yet proving the case specified above. 100 mg of sodium contributes to 4%, while 24 mg contributes to 1% of its dietary value. Quantity of carbohydrates is found to be 19gram that contains 6% of the dietary value. The content of sugar as a sweetening agent is calculated as 34g.

32 oz Blue Powerade Nutrition Facts

The 32 oz Powerade nutrition facts are,

  • Carbs: 21g
  • Fat: 0%
  • Calories: 80 Cal
  • Protein: 0%

Properties of Powerade

Powerade was started by the coca-cola company in the united nation 32 years ago. Powerade was a sports drink business competition with Gatorade. It became the official Olympic drink as a part of the marketing strategy to surpass its competitor. It came with a new formula that contained vitamin B6, B3, and B12. 

Later, It came with Powerade Zero that has electrolytes to restore hydration. It contained zero sugar and calories. But this product has been discontinued in the recent past. But the development is a thrust to become the leader in the non-carbonated drink section.

Powerade Flavors List

Powerade has a wide variety of flavor that changes across different countries and continents. Be it Powerade Mountain blast or Powerade and vodka. The numerous Powerade sizes come with the best Powerade flavors across the globe. We carefully studied the Powerade Flavor list and compiled the best one from different countries, so here is a list of some of the top flavors.

  • In the United States, some of the great flavors include lime green(lemon-lime), Blackberry (red-violet twist), fruit punch, grape, kiwi pineapple, white cherry, lemonade, blue raspberry, watermelon lime, strawberry lemonade, citrus passion fruit, tropical mango, etc. 
  • Contributing to Powerade special Powerade zero ingredients category, we have five more flavors that fall in this category, including mixed berry, fruit punch, strawberry, grape.
  • In the United Kingdom, the popular flavor includes Berry and tropical, cherry, orange, lemon-lime, zero red fruit, zero berry and tropical, energy berry, energy orange.
  • In Australia, the Powerade flavor list includes blackcurrant, lemon-lime, black currant, silver charge, gold rush, pineapple storm, etc.
  • Also, in South Korea, there is another set of flavors which mountain blast extreme, vita lemon juice, energy punch blast, aqua power plus, Powerade recover.
  • In Iceland, famous flavors include orange, snowstorm, cherry, mountain storm, and citrus charge. 
  • In France, the flavors that prevail consists of an ice storm, lemon, cherry, zero red fruit, blue raspberry, and citron. 
  • Even in Greece, Germany, Denmark, many flavors of Powerade drink like lemon yellow, cherry red, while cherry, mountain blasts are famous. 

Powerade Serving Suggestions

It requires 150% of rehydration after losing about 1000 grams of fluid, to compensate that 1500mL of equivalent is required. As fast as serving suggestion of Powerade drink is considered, after each session, the equivalent amount of serving is suggested.

Powerade Do’s and Don’ts

  • Consume it when you are involved in a high-intensity workout to remain hydrated.
  • Consume it to consume electrolytes needed for your body.
  • Don’t consume it if you don’t exercise enough to remove sweat from your body. The electrolytes will accumulate in your veins.
  • Please don’t compare it with water. Water is a natural drink that cannot be replaced by any energy drink. So keep in mind that you drink more water than energy drinks to detox your body.

Interesting facts about Powerade Energy Drink

  • Different flavors of Powerade drinks discontinued due to its poor performance, including jagged ice and black cherry lime.
  • Powerade play specially designed for children with sweet flavors ingrained in it.
  • It’s the official sports drink for various sports in different countries, including New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia.


Is Powerade good for you?

Yes, Powerade is perfect for one’s health due to its nutritional value chart.

Does Powerade have caffeine?

Blue Powerade flavor contains caffeine.

Does Powerade have electrolytes?

Powerade zero contains electrolyte that makes it fit for the restoration of hydration. 

Is Powerade a Coke product?

The coca-cola company produces Powerade.

What are Powerade bottle sizes?

The Powerade bottle sizes vary in as 20 oz, 32 oz, 16 oz bottles.

What flavor is Blue Powerade?

Blue Powerade is a flavored mango drink with four electrolytes.

Does Powerade have high fructose corn syrup?

Yes, it has fructose syrup but only in the required amount.

Are Gatorade and Powerade the same company?

No, the coca-cola company produces Powerade while The PepsiCo company produces Gatorade.

Who makes Powerade?

The coca-cola company makes Powerade.

How much sugar is in Powerade?

34-gram sugar is present in one whole Powerade drink.

How many calories in Powerade?

130 calories are present in Powerade drinks.

How many carbs in Powerade?

In Powerade, 19 grams of carbohydrates are present that sums up to 6% of the dietary value.

How much sodium is in Powerade?

100 mg of sodium is present in Powerade that sums up to 4% of the dietary value.

Is Tropical Mango Powerade discontinued?

No, Powerade tropical mango is still available. If you haven’t found in the stores, you can get it from online stores.

Is Powerade Zero Strawberry discontinued?

No, Strawberry Powerade zero is not discontinued. You can still find them at both online and offline stores.

Is Citrus Passionfruit Powerade discontinued?

No, still Citrus Passionfruit Powerade is available and you can choose from different sizes as well.

Is Powerade lemonade discontinued?

No, you can still taste the lemonade flavor of Powerade.

Does Powerade Zero have caffeine?

As per the product information on official website, there is no caffeine in the Powerade Zero.

Final Words

So after discussing the Powerade prices, pros and cons of the Powerade drinks, we have evaluated the whole of it starting from its meaning and worthwhile hoping to its price chart and compositions. The coca-cola product is quite famous in many countries and also quite available in a variety of flavors. It qualifies as the fit drink for those who involved in high-intensity movements.

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