Facebook Aims To Reveal Cryptocurrency Today

Facebook is introducing cryptocurrency payments in the mainstream on Tuesday. The digital currency is used to make purchases on the internet, transfer money and other cash related transactions without the help of a bank. Facebook is setting up a consortium called “Libra”, which is joined by companies like PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and Uber. The social […]

TikTok Launches New Safety Features for Users

Tiktok Launches a New Device Management Feature through which users to have complete control of their account. This feature came into existence as a part of safety initiatives taken by the company. Users can end sessions or remove accounts from other devices within the TikTok App itself. As a result, you can better manage the […]

Instagram Works on Ways to Recover Hacked Accounts

Choosing a strong and secure password or F2A everywhere possible would be a great idea rather than struggling to recover a hacked account. This is true in case of Instagram where we hear countless stories about users reporting on problems they face while recovering the account. Instagram understood the struggle of users and came up […]

Adobe Reveals AI Tool to Detect Photoshopped Faces

Image Manipulation Software Tools and Photoshop are in great use to edit faces in Photos. Editing has been a common practice these days.  Adobe researchers collaborated with Berkeley and found an AI Tool which can detect the Photoshopped face and even Undo it. The Tool can identify fake images which a naked eye cannot especially […]

Spotify Redesign Highlights Podcasts, simplifies Navigation

Spotify is rolling out a new update through which you will get changes in the user interface of the app. The Redesign is available to the Spotify paid subscribers. Spotify Users can download the latest version via Google Apple Store or Apple Store. New Version of “Your Library” will be out to premium subscribers. Spotify […]

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