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Nestle Water Price – Related Facts and Figures

Nestle waters reached the highest peak of success, achieving the label of ‘the largest bottled water brand in the world.’ Nestle Waters alone has 51 different brands like Poland Spring, Deer Park, Arrowhead, Ozarka, Nestle Pure Life, and the list is long.

There are many people dependent on Nestle waters and it is quite convenient for many people all around the world. Nestle waters have made careers of many people, and it still generates employment, roughly has 31,740 employees. Let us know how this company was established and the way it is evolving spectacularly.

The first lemonade and water bottling factory were established in the year 1843 by Henri Nestle. Foundation of the Nestle group was made, and it became highly popular all around the world, and people relied on this brand. Gradually, Nestle waters started acquiring shares, developed its business is different continents, and grew as an international business.

Nestle water is used in almost all areas like agriculture, wildlife, catering, domestic purposes, factories, and many more. Due to its quality, the brand gives relief to people, and also, they meet the quantity that the users desire. Nestle Water pH Level is 7.8. Let us see the Nestle Water Prices of different sizes.

Nestle Water Prices (Updated)

Depending on the type of product of Nestle water one buys, the prices differ, for example, Consider Walmart, Nestle water of 12 x 8 oz is priced for $1.88 while Nestle Splash water (6 x 16.9 oz) is priced for $1.50. 1 gallon of Nestle water is for $0.98.

Nestle Water Prices image

Nestle Drinking Water Price

Nestle Water Prices at different stores is tabulated below.

Nestle Water 12 x 16.9 oz.$2.48
Nestle Water 1 Gallon$0.98
Nestle Water 32 x 16.9 oz.$3.98
Nestle Water 12 x 8 oz.$1.88
Nestle Splash Water 6 x 16.9 oz.$1.5
Nestle Water12 x 8 oz.$2.67
Nestle Water28 x 16.9 oz.$3.99
Nestle Water15 x 16.9 oz.$2.59
Sam’s Club
Nestle Water40 x 16.9 oz.$4.24
Nestle Splash Water32 x 16.9 oz.$7.98

Nestle Water Delivery

Nestle company looks after the comfort of the users and therefore has made Nestle water delivery to the door with the Ready Refresh water delivery service. The products are fantastic and consumed by many people all around the world. The quantity of water can be ordered, and accordingly, gallons of water gets delivered without any obstacle. Online ordering can be done as well, and delivery is done at the doorstep.

Discounts are offered with free delivery offers that also are helpful for the consumers, and even a dispenser cleaning option is present. One can inquire or call on the customer care number, and the queries get cleared as the customer service is very helpful. There is a 5 – Gallon quick shop that asks for the product we want, the frequency, and dispenser. 

Nestle Bottled Water Properties

Let’s check out the properties and ingredients of this pure drinking water.

Nestle Pure Life Water

Nestle Purified Water is known for its systematic and sophisticated process applied at its work. There is a rigorous quality process through which the water in the bottle goes. This process helps in providing great taste and safety. Water is away from getting contaminated as Nestle makes sure to maintain high standards of safety.

Nestle Pure Life Purified Water comes from sources like well or General water, and they are treated, processed, reverse osmosis, and distillation are done. It gets a great taste because of the infused minerals and its pure quality. Nestle Pure Life Water pH level is 7.3

Nestle Pure Life Water Review is excellent and once people try it, they don’t go for any other drink as it is processed very well. 

It contains the composition of water, calcium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate. Reviews say that Nestle Pure Life Water does not come up with too big of a pack and can save money if bought many at concerts or events. It does not taste unnatural or chemical- like, in fact, it is a rejuvenating drink. Nestle Pure Life Water is quite affordable and has no use of chemicals.

Processing is done correctly, and hence, a high standard is maintained, offering great quality to the customers. Nestle water is, therefore, healthy to drink and gives you freshness. Thus, one can stay hydrated at any place like a gym, jogging, and enjoy their workouts. 

Nestle Flavored Water

There are different ingredients used in Nestle flavored water like purified water, natural flavors, preservatives that preserve freshness. Like Potassium Sorbate and Potassium Benzoate and other parts like citric acid, Sodium Polyphosphate, Sucralose, etc. are present. There is less sweet. The sweetness is due to the presence of natural fruit flavor. Some varieties have zero calories and sugar and, therefore, recommended to go for Nestle flavored water as an alternative to other beverages.

Nestle Splash products are popular as there are different flavors like strawberry, wild berry, Acai grape, orange, lemon, raspberry, and many more. Nestle Splash natural lemon water keeps you rejuvenated and is made of purified water with a little splash of sweetness, no added sugar, no artificial colors, and zero calories. It is 16.9 ounce/0.5 liter plastic bottles. One can carry it anywhere without any strain. 

What is the right way of consuming Nestle Water?

  • You can mix the Nestle water with any juice powder or syrup and drink it. 
  • Nestle Pure Life water spreads the importance of hydration and also gives tips as to how to create habits and stay hydrated. 
  • Don’t have Nestle water that is too cold or refrigerated water as it has its cons and either affect the person immediately or after a while but continuous.  
  • Ensure that the bottle of Nestle water is sealed.
  • Do not keep the cap of the bottle of Nestle water open for a very long time or else. It may contaminate water in the bottle.  
  • After the bottle of Nestle water is emptied or water or beverage is consumed from the bottle, do not reuse the bottle as the grade of plastic used to manufacture the bottle is not similar to that of the bottles used for storing water. Crushing the Nestle water bottle after use as proper disposal can help in the recycling process, and it will also ensure that the bottle is not reused illegally. 

Some interesting facts about Nestle Water

  • Fact # 1: (Nestle Water Michigan) The water use of Nestle water in Michigan is very less compared to other bottled water companies. Nestle water has paid over 2 million $ for spring water. It also provides jobs in Michigan and has spent over 15.7 million $ for the payroll of employees in Michigan. It contributes greatly to the economy of Michigan. 
  • Fact # 2: In Michigan, the water that is sourced is sold to customers within the Great Lakes, in fact, 90 % of it. Sustainability is followed everywhere, likewise, in Michigan. Nestle water pays for the cost related to infrastructure, quality as well as delivery of water. 
  • Fact # 3: We contribute to funding police and fire departments, schools, local parks, public services. Nestle water Stanford Michigan bottling facility received Gold Certification under Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard. Nestle waters provide free water to Flint that is clean and safe. It helps the residents, local schools of Flint. 

More Facts on Nestle company and water

  • Fact # 4: Nestle is an international company with a significant U.S. presence and is operating in Michigan for more than 17 years. Nestle water does not believe in privatizing public water supplies and does not impose rights on the water resource. 
  • Fact # 5: Bottles are recycled wherein the PET bottles are collected, sorted, shredding is done, cleaned, melted, and then reused. Nestle Pure Life water is known to keep up to its commitments, and therefore, sustainability is given great importance.
  • Fact # 6: Nestle considers water to be a precious resource, and hence, sustainability is entirely followed during the processing of water until it gets delivered. It forecasts and still can meet the current needs and does not even negotiate with the requirements of future generations.
  • Fact # 7: Nestle is the largest provider of bottles of water in North America and throughout the world. Nestle gets the highest profit from sales of water as it imparts an excellent quality. 

States where Nestle Water is Banned

The use of plastic is banned in many states because of certain misconceptions or different laws. However, Michigan or Great Lake stop Nestle from taking America’s water to sell in plastic bottles. Nestle water controversy is the talk of the town, but one should look at the facts and then try to oppose them. However, bottles are recycled in a systematic manner that contributes to the environment by curbing pollution. 


Where does Nestle Water come from?

Nestle water comes from different water sources like spring water or well. Then water is processed and added in the bottles. 

Where does Nestle Pure Life Water come from?

Nestle Pure Life water comes from General sources or spring sources, and then it is bottled at the source. It goes through many steps like reverse osmosis and distillation. Also, minerals are infused. 

Where to buy Nestle Pure Life Water?

Buy Nestle Pure Life water. However, it is suitable for you- order the delivery, online, or through product locator. 

Is Smart Water owned by Nestle?

No, Smart Water is not owned by Nestle.

How much ml in a Nestle Water bottle?

Popularly, 500 ml of water is there in a Nestle water bottle that is good for short-distance travel. 

How much is a bottle of Nestle Water?

Nestle Pure Life Purified Water is quite affordable, 16.9 Fl. Oz with the count of 32 is $3.98

Final Verdict

Nestle water has multiple products and beverages that are healthy. One can check Nestle water prices above, select the type of product he wants and buy. Ordering can be done via different modes like online, order delivery, or store. Bottles are recycled, and water is processed perfectly, making it as drinking water.

Nestle water is a brand that is too popular and considers water as a precious resource. Zero calories or sugar are used, and therefore, health is maintained. Nestle waters have a better pH level comparatively, are popularly known for the best mineral water, and are affordable.

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