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Monster Energy Prices – Monstrous range and angelic prices of the refreshing Drink!

The globally acclaimed energy drink, launched in the year 2002, has made its name through every country and its energy through every customer. Be it a boring afternoon, a lagging project, a tough workout, or a late-night party, this rejuvenating and energizing drink of all can get you through anything and everything. The company which launched it was called Hansen Natural Company earlier, but since the market graph increased significantly for the Monster energy drinks, the company has been renamed to Monster Beverage Corporation.

There are many Monster Energy Flavors and variations available in 4 to 24 oz Monster. Cans, like the Monster Energy Zero Ultra, Regular, Rehab tea lemonade, Ultra blue, Ultra sunrise, and even healthier choices such as Lo-Carb. This company has been around for decades now and is equipped with the needs of the young millennia, which makes it the largest selling energy drink worldwide. Now let’s see the Monster Energy Prices from the below sections.

Monster Energy Drink Prices

With the prestige and grandeur of this margarita kept in mind, the Monster Drink Price is expected to be much higher, but as found, it is pretty reasonable. In keeping with the current date, the prices vary with the quantity of the respective cans, starting from around one dollar and a few cents to as high as 40$. Usually, the 16 oz. Cans are available between one to two dollars, depending on the store where it is available at. They are also available in wholesale amounts of cans, like a pack of twenty-four sixteen oz. Cans, ten 16 oz. Cans, four 16 oz. Cans etc.,

Monster Energy Prices image

Monster Energy Price per Can

TypeSizeMonsters Energy Drink Price


Regular Monster 16 Oz Price16 oz. Can$1.89
Rehab Peach Tea 16 oz. Can$1.94
Ultra Sunrise 16 oz. Can$1.89
Pipeline Punch Juice 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.59
Lo-Carb 16 oz. Can$1.89
Regular 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.59
Ultra Blue16 oz. Can$1.89
Zero Ultra 16 oz. Can$1.89
Ultra Red 16 oz. Can$1.89
Pipeline Punch Juice 16 oz. Can$1.94
Zero Ultra 10 x 16 oz. Can$15.69
Ultra Black 16 oz. Can$1.89
Ultra Sunrise 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.59
Zero Ultra 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.59
Lo-Carb 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.59
Absolutely Zero 16 oz. Can$1.89
Regular 10 x 16 oz. Can$15.69

Costco Monster Energy Prices

Zero Ultra24 x 16 oz. Can$31.99
Regular Costco Monster Energy Price24 x 16 oz. Can$32.99


Zero Ultra 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.99
Lo-Carb 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.99
Regular 24 oz. Can$3.49
Ultra Sunrise 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.99
Zero Ultra 16 oz. Can$2.59
Regular 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.99
Ultra Black 16 oz. Can$2.59
Absolutely Zero 16 oz. Can$2.59
Ultra Red 16 oz. Can$2.59
Lo-Carb 16 oz. Can$2.59
Lo-Carb 24 oz. Can$3.49
Zero Ultra 24 oz. Can$3.49
Ultra Blue 16 oz. Can$2.59
Regular 16 oz. Can$2.59
Ultra Sunrise 16 oz. Can$2.59

Sam’s Club

Zero Ultra 24 x 16 oz. Can$31.98
Ultra Variety Pack 24 x 16 oz. Can$31.98
Ultra Sunrise 24 x 16 oz. Can$31.98
Rehab Variety Pack 24 x 16 oz. Can$31.98
Lo-Carb 24 x 16 oz. Can$31.98
Regular 24 x 16 oz. Can$31.98
Ultra Violet 24 x 16 oz. Can$31.98


Rehab Tea Lemonade 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.49
Gronk 16 oz. Can$1.99
Pipeline Punch Juice 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.49
Regular 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.49
Regular 16 oz. Can$1.99
Pipeline Punch Juice 16 oz. Can$1.99
Rehab Peach Tea 16 oz. Can$1.99
Absolutely Zero 16 oz. Can$1.99
Ultra Red 16 oz. Can$1.99
Ultra Sunrise 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.49
Muscle Banana Shake (Limited) 15 oz. Can$2.99
Lo-Carb 16 oz. Can$1.99
Regular 10 x 16 oz. Can$15.99
Lo-Carb 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.49
Khaos Juice 16 oz. Can$1.99
Rehab Raspberry Tea 16 oz. Can$1.99
Zero Ultra 10 x 16 oz. Can$15.99
Ultra Citron 16 oz. Can$1.99
Rehab Tea Lemonade 16 oz. Can$1.99
Ultra Violet 16 oz. Can$1.99
Absolutely Zero 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.49
Ultra Sunrise 16 oz. Can$1.99
Zero Ultra 16 oz. Can$1.99
Ultra Black 16 oz. Can$1.99
Ultra Blue 16 oz. Can$1.99
Zero Ultra 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.49


Regular 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.24
Rehab Tea Lemonade 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.24
Rehab Peach Tea 16 oz. Can$1.88
Regular 24 oz. Can$2.78
Ultra Sunrise 10 x 16 oz. Can$14.72
Lo-Carb 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.24
Regular 10 x 16 oz. Can$14.72
Lo-Carb 10 x 16 oz. Can$14.72
Rehab Peach Tea 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.24
Ultra Blue 16 oz. Can$1.88
Monster Fruit Punch Pipeline Juice 16 oz. Can$1.88
Rehab Tea Lemonade 16 oz. Can$1.88
Ultra Red 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.24
Gronk 16 oz. Can$1.88
Ultra Black 16 oz. Can$1.88
Regular16 oz. Can$1.88
Zero Ultra 10 x 16 oz. Can$14.72
Zero Ultra 16 oz. Can$1.88
Zero Ultra 24 oz. Can$2.78
Ultra Blue 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.24
Rehab Tea Lemonade 10 x 16 oz. Can$14.72
Ultra Sunrise 4 x 16 oz. Can$6.24
Ultra Sunrise 16 oz. Can$1.88
Lo-Carb 24 oz. Can$2.78
Rehab Raspberry Tea 16 oz. Can$1.88
Lo-Carb 16 oz. Can$1.88
Khaos Juice 16 oz. Can$1.88

CVS Prices of Monster Energy Drinks

Rehab Tea Lemonade 16 oz. Can$2.77
Ultra Blue 16 oz. Can$2.77
Pipeline Punch Juice 16 oz. Can$2.77
Ultra Sunrise 16 oz. Can$2.77
Lo-Carb 16 oz. Can$2.77
Regular 16 oz. Can$2.77
Lo-Carb4 x 16 oz. Can$7.99
Regular 4 x 16 oz. Can$7.99
Zero Ultra 16 oz. Can$2.77

Monsters Energy Drink and its respective properties

There is a high amount of caffeine in Monster energy drinks, which go as high as 150 to 160 mg. The constituents and ingredients of Monster drink include much of carbonated water, sucrose, glucose, citric acid, natural flavors, caffeine, benzoic acid, sodium chloride, guarana seed extract, and cyanocobalamin. There are 8.4-ounce cans too, which have 110 to 120 calories, 25 to 30 grams of carbohydrate, around 10 mg potassium, a hundred mg of sodium, and a negligible amount of sugar.

Right ways to sip it

There are several ways to take this drink and mix it up with other ingredients to make even finer recipes with the greatest taste. The ingredients could be syrups, orange juice, ginger ale, coffee, or any other juice and even things like cream and sliced lemon.

Right ways to serve it

The kind of energy drink slash beverage that Monster energy drink is, it can be served in tall glasses, double coupes, highball glasses, or even lowballs with sliced lemon or orange at the top of the glass, or the cover of orange as for visual purposes. Ice is a must-have for all of the recipes.

Dos and Don’ts regarding every intake of Monster Drink


  1. Always consume in moderation.
  2. Mix something like honey, lime juice, Vodka, light rums, et cetera to give it a refreshing taste.
  3. The drink tastes Best when served cold.
  4. Keep records of your daily intake, as it will help to control the amount of caffeine going into your body. Hence, preventing a lot of diseases and organ failures which can occur due to overdose.


  1. Never drink more than 3 cans in a single day because the Monster Caffeine Content (around 90 percent) if increased too much, it can cause a lot of harm to the kidneys.
  2. No energy drink should be taken on a daily basis, especially a strong one like this, as it has sodium and potassium in a greater proportion, which can alter your blood pressure and become a reason for heart disease.
  3. Never handle the can with ignorance as it is metallic and thus can cause cuts and bruises if not paid heed to whilst opening.
  4. If mixed with Vodka, rum, or any alcoholic beverage, then strictly avoid driving afterward.
  5. Don’t drink it just before engaging in vigorous physical workouts or exercises.

Monster Energy Recipes – Correct ways to mix it and fix it

Absolute Monster

For this recipe, you will need the following ingredients

  • 4 oz of ice cubes (or ice)
  • 4 oz of absolute vanilla vodka
  • 4 oz of Monster energy drink

Add ice cubes, absolute vanilla vodka, and Monster energy drink in a blender. Blend the ingredients until the mixture is slushy, pour the mixture into a highball glass, and serve immediately.

Sound of the Golden Hurricane Margarita

For this recipe, you will need the following ingredients

  • Orange peel
  • 1/2 cup Honey
  • 1/2 cup Lime juice
  • 5 cup Limeade
  • 1½ cup Gold tequila
  • 1/2 cup Water
  • 3/4 C. Monster energy drink

Add water and honey in a container and start boiling the mixture until the honey dissolves into the water. Now reduce the heat to low and add orange peel. Simmer the mixture for 5-10 minutes to the desired taste. Pour the mixture into a pitcher. Add lime juice, limeade, gold tequila, and monster energy drink into the pitcher and mix it well. Now rim the margarita glasses with salt or sugar if you want to. Fill the glasses with ice cubes and add the drink over ice and serve it immediately.

The Loch Ness Monster

For this recipe, you will need the following ingredients

  • 1 oz of Vodka
  • 1 oz of Captain Morgan spiced rum
  • 1 oz of southern comfort black label peach schnapps
  • 1 oz of Malibu coconut rum
  • 1 can of monster energy drink
  • 1 oz of Gin
  • 1 oz of Light Rum
  • 1 oz of blue curacao liqueur
  • 1 oz of Chambord Raspberry Liqueur
  • 1 oz of amaretto almond liqueur
  • 1 oz of Jose Cuervo Gold tequila
  • 1 oz of Midori melon liqueur

Add amaretto almond liqueur, Vodka, gin, and light rum in a pitcher and mix it well. Now add southern comfort black label peach schnapps, Captain Morgan spiced rum, Jose Cuervo Gold tequila, Chambord Raspberry Liqueur, blue curacao liqueur, and Malibu coconut rum into a blender and blend the mixture. Now add the blended mixture into the pitcher and stir the mixture well. Pour the drink into glasses and top it with the monster drink. Serve the drink immediately.


Who owns Monster Energy?

Hansen’s Natural launched Monster brand energy drink in 2002, which was changed into a monster beverage in 2012. Hansen Natural was bought by native South Africans Rodney Sacks, chairman, and CEO of energy drink maker Monster Beverage Corporation and Hilton Schlosberg, CFO of Monster Beverage Corporation in 1992.

How much caffeine is in a Monster Energy drink? 

The caffeine content in a Monster energy drink is approximately 36 milligrams per 100 grams. Since a monster is an energy drink, it contains way more caffeine in it’s per 100 grams than the other drinks.

What is in Monster Energy Drinks?

Monster energy drink contains approximately 42 calories per 100 grams. Fat and cholesterol in this drink is absolutely null or zero. It also contains 75 milligrams per 100 grams of sodium, 36 milligrams per 100 grams of caffeine, and 11 milligrams per 100 grams of total carbohydrates.

How long does Monster Energy last?

In humans, the half-life of caffeine is about 4-6 hours; that is why the Monster energy drink’s effect lasts for about 4-6 hours on average. The human body can absorb 99% of caffeine content in the drink within 45 minutes.

How much are Monster Energy Drinks?

Costs are in the range of $2.79 to $1.88. Monster Energy drinks come in different flavors like Regular, Lo-Carb, Absolutely zero, Gronk, Khaos juice, Muscle banana shake, Pine punch juice, Rehab peach tea, Rehab raspberry tea, Ultra black, Ultra blue, Ultra-red, Ultra sunrise, Ultraviolet, and Zero Ultra which the price range differs with the type of drink

How much is a Single Monster Energy Drink?

A single Monster energy drink is about 16 Oz. or 473 ml per can, which costs about $2.79 to $1.88 per can, which is a pretty reasonable price for this delicious drink.

Are Monster Energy Drinks bad for you?

Everything consumed in a limit is not bad for your health, but Monster energy drinks majorly contain sodium and potassium, which is not good for your blood pressure. If you consume monster energy drinks regularly, it can cause blood pressure fluctuations, which can cause many heart problems.

How many calories in a Monster Energy Drink?

Calorie content in Monster energy drink per 100 grams is 42 calories, which is good for your health. This Calorie content is an average of Calorie content in all the flavors as different flavors contain different amounts of Calories.

Can Monster Energy Drinks kill you?

Yes, Monster energy drinks can kill you. No, don’t need to panic if you know the actual use of energy drinks. The main purpose of energy drinks is to give you instant energy, which comes from caffeine. So, if you misuse energy drinks, it can kill you by damaging your kidneys.

What flavor is Monster Ultra Black?

Monster Ultra Black is a cherry flavor Monster energy drink. It has a tasty black cherry flavor that isn’t overly sweet, but this best Monster flavor and the sweetness does a pretty good job covering the energy ingredients.

How much Caffeine in Monster?

Since a Monster is an energy drink, it contains way more caffeine in its per 100 grams than the other drinks. The caffeine content in a monster energy drink is approximately 36 milligrams per 100 grams.

How much Caffeine in Monster Zero?

All the Monster energy drinks have the same amount of caffeine content per 100 grams that is 36 milligrams per 100 grams.


Monster Energy Corporation, earlier known as the Hansen Natural company launched this magnificent Monster energy drink in 2002, with a very tacky can, written’ on it which kind of looks like a ‘monster’s’ paws, which makes it already inviting enough, whilst also establishing a powerful ‘energy’ over to its customers. It has a very easy-gulp flavor with signature smoothness mixed with a refreshing impact.

The slogan slash tagline of the drink is essentially, ‘Unleash the Beast,’ which encourages a consumer to be as powerful and active as an enraged beast, which is capable of doing away with every work that needs to be completed. Keep in mind that the Monster Energy Prices mentioned above may change any time.

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