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Kahlua Prices – Is this liqueur really expensive?

What is Kahlua? Kahlua is a Spanish coffee-flavored liqueur that originated in Mexico. It was manufactured and produced by Pedro Domecq in the year 1936. Kahlua means “House of the Acolhua people,” who are the Mesoamerican people who used to live in the Mexican Valley. This liqueur was first imported in the United States by Jules Berman, coining its nickname as “Mr Kahlua.” After that, in the year 2005, Pernod Ricard, the largest alcohol distributor in the world, took control over it.

Kahlua Prices image
Kahlua Prices image

Kahlua alcohol content by volume is 20%. The ingredients possessed in this drink are Arabica Coffee, Rum, Vanilla Bean, and Sugar. It comes in several varieties and flavors, as well as Kahlua Coffee, Cinnamon, Hazelnut, Peppermint Mocha, etc. “Kahlua Special” is an expensive, high-end unique flavored product of Kahlua available in the US, Australia, and Canada. It is prepared using Arabica coffee beans, possessing Kahlua alcohol percentage of 36%.

Kahlua Price Range

Kahlua is available online at websites like Amazon, Walgreens, and its official website as well. It is also available offline at some liquor stores. Kahlua can be mixed with various combinations of cream, coffee or milk, etc. 

The Kahlua 750ml bottle price ranges from $16 to $22. Kahlua Original can be mixed with some other liqueurs or juices to prepare Kahlua drink recipes. Check out the availability and Kahlua prices at different stores in below table.

Kahlua Prices at Stores

Type Size Price of Kahlua


Kahlua Original 750ml $22.99


Kahlua Original 750ml $19.99


Kahlua Original 750ml $22.99

Kahlua Coffee Liqueur Walmart

Kahlua Price Walmart 750ml $16.97

Properties of Kahlua

  • Kahlua is prepared from coffee beans and contains caffeine.
  • It contains 20% alcohol by volume content. A special recipe known as Kahlua Especial contains 36% alcohol content by volume and comparatively less sugar as compared to the original.
  • Kahlua cannot necessarily be gluten-free.
  • Rum, sugar, arabica coffee, and vanilla bean are some Kahlua ingredients.
  • There are 107 calories present per serving or 35grams.
  • It contains zero fat and cholesterol and 9grams of caffeine.

Kahlua Consumption

Kahlua is a very delicious sweet liqueur that comes even delicious when mixed with a variety of cocktails. Some of them are Black Russian, White Russian, Mudslide, etc.

  • Kahlua can be consumed straight. It tastes like sweet coffee syrup.
  • It can be consumed straight up as well, either chilled or with ice.
  • Consumption of Kahlua should be done within four years from the date of manufacturing.

Kahlua Serving Suggestions

Kahlua can be served in several ways. Some of them are as follows:

  • Kahlua can be served with chilled ice in a tumbler, which is then stirred upon along with a sliver of orange zest.
  • It is served best with some ice cubes and vodka mixed to make a classic cocktail named Black Russian.
  • A delicious drink named White Russian can be prepared by mixing Kahlua with Vodka in a tumbler filled with ice cubes. Some cream is put over the ice and then lightly stirred so that it gets mixed well.
  • Kahlua Mudslide is a cocktail recipe prepared as a dessert. The cocktail can be prepared by making use of a shaker filled with ice and mixing Kahlua, Vodka, and Irish Cream Liqueur.

Do’s and Don’ts of Kahlua Coffee Liqueur


  • Kahlua must be stored in a dark and cold place away from sunlight with a tightly sealed bottle.
  • It should be consumed within four years from the production date.


  • Kahlua must not be consumed without smelling it.
  • It must not be taken in large amounts and daily as it contains caffeine, which affects health drastically.

Interesting facts about Kahlua

Curious to know some fun facts about Kahlua! Here are a few of them.

  • Seven years is required to prepare each bottle of Kahlua from the harvest of vanilla, sugarcane, and coffee beans.
  • Kahlua is famous for preparing several cocktail recipes, and it is also served as a topping or an ingredient in dishes like cakes, ice-cream, etc.
  • National Kahlua Day is celebrated on the 27th of February.
  • The most famous Kahlua mixed drink named Black Russian was first produced in the year 1949.
  • A team of females led Kahlua in 1960, popularly known as Kahlua Ladies.

Kahlua Recipes

Some of the famous delicious recipes with Kahlua are discussed below:

  • A Homemade Kahlua Recipe is named as Kahlua Mudslide Recipe. This is prepared by mixing ingredients like Kahlua, Vodka, Milk, and some Irish Cream, which is then stirred.
  • Kahlua prepares Kahlua Cookie with some vanilla ice-cream and chocolate chip cookies.
  • Coffee-flavored ice-cream and some chocolate chips blended to make a very yummy recipe named Chocolate Chip Cookie Kahlua Milkshakes.
  • An extremely tempting drink named Nutcracker Cocktail is prepared by blending Kahlua with some amaretto, Grand Marnier, and Irish cream.

Places where Kahlua has been banned

There was a ban imposed on caffeinated alcoholic drinks in the United States due to multiple cases of blackouts and alcohol poisoning among some consumers. Kahlua was one of the drinks apart from Joose, Sparks, etc., as it is a caffeinated liqueur.


How to make Kahlua?

Kahlua is made from coffee beans. Apart from that, it contains corn syrup, vodka, rum, and syrup.

Does Kahlua go bad?

Yes, Kahlua goes bad if not consumed within the recommended period and not stored properly as well.

Is Kahlua gluten-free?

It is a little controversial. The coffee-based liqueur contains a neutral grain spirit of wheat, which contains gluten. But the base will go through the distillation process, which will remove the gluten protein.

Does Kahlua have caffeine in it?

Yes, Kahlua contains caffeine, approximately 10mg per 100ml.

Does Kahlua expire?

Yes, Kahlua expires. It is recommended to consume within four months from the manufacturing date.

How long does Kahlua last?

Kahlua remains good for four years.

What is the Kahlua substitute?

Some chocolate extract or coffee can become substitutes for Kahlua.

Is Kahlua vegan?

Some Kahlua flavors are vegans, while some drinks are not.

Does Kahlua need to be refrigerated?

Kahlua needn’t be refrigerated but must be stored in a cool and dark place.

How many carbs are there in Kahlua?

According to Kahlua nutrition facts, 22 carbs are present in 50ml of Kahlua.

What to mix with Kahlua?

Kahlua can be mixed with some cocktails and consumed.

What does Kahlua taste like?

Kahlua tastes like sweet coffee syrup.

Does Kahlua have dairy?

No. Kahlua doesn’t have a dairy.

How many calories are there in Kahlua?

144 Kahlua Calories are there for a 50ml serving.

How much is Kahlua?

Kahlua cost is $19-$23 in different stores and websites.

How much alcohol is in Kahlua?

Kahlua contains 20% alcohol by volume content.

How much sugar is in Kahlua?

Kahlua possesses 14.7g sugar per serving.

Does Kahlua Mudslide have caffeine?

As Kahlua is made from coffee beans, it is obvious that Kahlua Mudslide contains caffeine.


We hope that this article about Kahlua Prices helped you to get the drink at your nearest store in affordable price range. You can also try out some crazy recipes with this drink mentioned above if you want to try something new.

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