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Jim Beam Prices of all Bottle Sizes and Related Facts

Jim Beam Whiskey is a world-class bourbon whiskey brand. It is well-known throughout the world for its class. The Jim Beam Flavors were introduced back in 1795. The company is owned by an organization named Suntory Holdings. The name of Jim Beam used to be Old Jake Beam Sour Mash in 1795. Later on, it was changed to the old Tub in 1880. After all this, in 1943, finally, it was decided to name this brand as Jim Beam.

This bourbon whiskey is manufactured in the region of Clermont. The cold regions of America and Australia are preferred by the people since it makes them feel warm. Even in other European countries like Germany, Spain, the Jim Beam is popular among the people. Jim Beam Prices vary from store to store. Check out the price at each store and get the Jim Beam from your nearest or affordable one.

Jim Beam Bourbon Price

The Jim Beam Liquor Prices are variant. It will depend on which variant you prefer. There are many variants present in Jim Beam. You will find a wide range of flavors if you research the brand. The Jim Beam Original starts from $20.95. If you opt for a different flavor, you may have to spend some more.

Jim Beam Prices image

The Jim Beam Prices 750ml will be around $26.99. You can consume it like a shot as well. The cost may differ from place to place. You can check the Jim Beam Bottle Value and price on the official website of Jim Beam or any other website, but its most authentic price is provided here.

Jim Beam Prices at Stores

Below are Jim Beam Bottle Sizes and Prices at different stores.

Type / Jim Beam FlavorsSizeJim Beam Bottles Prices
Jim Beam Original Bourbon Whiskey1.75l$37.99
Jim Beam Original Bourbon Whiskey750ml$17.99
Target Jim Beam Price
Jim Beam Original Bourbon Whiskey750ml$16.99
Jim Beam Kentucky Fire Bourbon Whiskey750ml$16.99
Original Jim Beam Bourbon Price1.75l$28.99
Original Bourbon Jim Beam Prices 750ml Whiskey 750ml$14.97
Jim Beam Kentucky Fire Bourbon Whiskey 750ml$14.97
Jim Beam Original Bourbon Whiskey 1.75l$23.97
Jim Beam Honey Bourbon Whiskey 750ml$14.97
Jim Beam Maple Bourbon Whiskey 750ml$14.97
Jim Beam Original Bourbon Whiskey1.75l$20.95
CVS Jim Beam Prices
Jim Beam Honey Prices Bourbon Whiskey 750ml$18.49
Jim Beam Original Bourbon Whiskey750ml$18.49
Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Bourbon Whiskey 750ml$26.99
Jim Beam Original Bourbon Whiskey 1.75l$31.99
Jim Beam Original Bourbon Whiskey 375ml$9.99
Jim Beam Kentucky Fire Bourbon Whiskey 750ml$18.49
Sam’s Club
Jim Beam Black Price Bourbon Whiskey 750ml15.98
Jim Beam Kentucky Fire Bourbon Whiskey 750ml12.28
Jim Beam Original Bourbon Whiskey 1.75l20.95
Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Price750ml18.58
Jim Beam Red Stag Bourbon Whiskey (Black Cherry) 750ml12.98

Jim Beam Nutrition Facts

The Jim Beam has no amount of cholesterol at all. So you can be carefree and consume the drink as per your convenience. It has 100 calories in its single shot. You can easily burn your gained calories by having a run for 15 minutes. No fats are present in Jim beam, so there is no harm in consuming Jim Beam. Although it does not contain any amount of carbs and proteins, there are not more good properties as well in Jim Beam. Check the official website for Jim Beam Bottle Sizes and Prices.

It consists of 65% alcohol. If you closely observe the label present on the bottle, you will be able to notice all the contents on Jim Beam. The company has provided the list of contents in Jim Beam. If you are more curious about knowing about its contents, you can pay a visit to its official website. You can catch up with many updates on Jim Beam Black Price.

How to Serve Jim Beam Whiskey?

There are two main ways people prefer to consume Jim Beam. The first way is in the form of shots. It is more popular to get your party started with some fun games. You can serve in the shot small glasses of 1.5 fl.oz. You can also have an option to serve it with some snacks or peanuts as well. Also, you can make your shots neat or by mixing it with other drinks too. Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Price is reasonable as per its taste. You should taste it once. Most of the time, people use Jim Beam Apple Drinks to make shots.

The second way is in the bourbon style. You can take a crystal glass with some Jim Beam. Add a cube of ice, and it is ready to serve. Most people prefer to drink the Jim Beam in this style. You can even mix some amount of soda with it. Do not use flavored soda to keep its taste as it is. The following are some ways you can serve your drink with Jim Beam.

  • Jim Beam with soda.
  • Jim Beam as shots.
  • You can take Jim Beam with ice.
  • Jim Beam with cranberry.

Do’s and Don’ts for Jim Beam


  1. Take your drink slowly. Do not hurry to finish your drink. Take it nice and slow. You will enjoy it more if you are patient with the drink.
  2. Use ice or chilled water to make your Jim Beam bourbon cold. It tastes better with a cube of ice. Do ask for an ice cube with your bourbon. 
  3. If you have not yet tried the Jim Beam, take it slowly. You should not hurry to receive your heavy round. Take a diluted drink for starters. 
  4. If you are a frequent drinker or a drink enthusiast, you should have your stock of Jim Beam. It will come handy when the market is down for Jim Beam.


  1. Adding soda is not recommended to any of your Jim Beam drinks. It will just spoil the fine taste of your bourbon. 
  2. Do not store it for too long to think that its taste will enhance. It is already stored enough before. Storing it more won’t change the taste of your bourbon.
  3. It is not recommended to take it as a shot since it is more concentrated. Dilute it with other drinks to be safe.
  4. While making your cocktail, do not mix too many ingredients. It will hide the taste of your bourbon and suppress it with other flavors. It is not always true that more ingredients should be used to make a nice cocktail.
  5. Do not mix Jim Beam with any other bourbon. It is not at all a good idea to combine any two bourbons. 

Few Interesting facts about Jim Beam

There are many fascinating facts about which people are not aware about. Here are some interesting facts about them which might be helpful to you.

Fact #1: When the company started producing whiskey, it used to go with a different name. Firstly, it was used to go with the name of Old Jake Beam Sour Mash. Then it was changed with Old Tub in 1880. Then again, it got changed to Jim Beam in 1943. And since then, it has remained named Jim Beam.

Fact #2: The biggest customers in the world of Jim Beam are America, Australia, and Germany. These countries consume most of the Jim Beam, which is produced throughout the year. 

Fact #3: There is no change in the ingredients which they have used in the past. Even at present, they use the same ingredients which they used to be back on the day of 1795. 

Fact #4: The same family owns the company. It has been over 220 years. But still, the company, as well as the business, is run by the same family.

Fact #5: Usually, the bourbon allowed to be stored for two years before selling. It is not allowed to store the bourbon to be stored for more than two years. But Jim Beam is stored for four years. It is twice as compared to other bourbons. 

Fact #6: The origin of Jim Beam is from Japan. The brand is owned by the Japanese organization named Suntory Holdings. Nowadays, it is called Beam Suntory.

Fact #7: There is only one distillery that produces Jim Beam. If you want to know anything about the brand, you can get a tour of the company in Clermont.

Jim Beam Recipes

There are many recipes which you can make with the help of Jim Beam. Here are some Jim Beam Drink Recipes, which may come handy, which arranging parties or any function.

1. Ginger Ball with Jim Beam

To prepare this recipe, you need to get a glass full of ice cubes. The ice cubes will enhance the aesthetic look of your drink as well as keep your drink chilled. Mix one-quarter of Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon and three-quarter of Ginger Ale. Mix it well by shaking it and pour it in a glass with ice. The following are all the ingredients required to make this recipe.

  • Ginger Ale
  • Lemon Slice
  • Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

2. Jim Beam with Coke

This recipe is quite simple than any other Jim Beam Honey Recipes. You just need some coke as your Jim Beam variant as per your choice. Use Highball glass to serve this drink. The use of ice cubes recommended to give your drink a classy look. You can use a lemon wedge over the top of your drink. It will provide a nice garnishing to your drink. The following are the ingredients that you should have while making your drink. 

  • Coke
  • Jim Beam Honey
  • Lime slice

3. Old Double Oak Jim Beam

 It is one of the oldest recipes of Jim Beam. In this recipe, you need Jim Beam double oak. Other ingredients are dashes bitter, some sugar cubes, some lime slices, and an orange peel. Mix the mixture properly. Pour your mixture in a fine glass full of ice cubes. Add oil of orange and lime over the top and serve it. It is one of the famous recipes of the Jim beam. The following things are required to make your drink.

  • Jim Beam Double Oak
  • Dashes Bitters
  • Sugar Cubes
  • Lime slice
  • Orange peel slice

Banned Places for Jim Beam

Jim Beam is legal in all parts of the world. You can consume it if you are eligible to buy it. If you are of the right age as well as a proper permit, you can even sell the brand in your shop. There is no restriction to sell or consume Jim Beam in any part of the world. Jim Beam can be consumed in each and every country. Check the section of the official website of Jim Beam under the name of Jim Beam Honey Prices to sell it in the market.


Who owns Jim Beam?

At present, Jim Beam owned by a Japanese MNC named Suntory Holdings. He is the current owner of Jim Beam.

Where is Jim Beam made?

The Jim Beam is made in Clermont. It is an unincorporated community in Kentucky, USA. 

What to mix with Jim Beam?

There are many things you can mix with Jim Beam. People mostly prefer to consume it neatly with an ice cube. 

How long is Jim Beam aged?

To prepare a nice bottle of Jim Beam, it should be at least four years old. Normally, the government allows for two years to make bourbon whiskey.

How many calories in Jim Beam / How many calories in a shot of Jim Beam?

A shot of Jim Beam consists of 100 calories provided that the shot is of 1.5 fl.oz. 

How to drink Jim Beam?

You can drink Jim Beam as a shot. You can also try it with a cube of ice in a crystal glass. 

How much is a barrel of Jim Beam?

A barrel of Jim Beam will cost you around $19. The range of barrel of Jim Beam will start from $15 to $35.

How many carbs in Jim Beam?

Jim Beam does not contain any amount of Carbs.

How much is a fifth of Jim Beam?

A fifty of Jim Beam price is around $14.97. The cost may differ from shop to shop as well as which variant you prefer to consume.

Final Words

Jim Beam Bottles Prices will make you aware of all the variants of this brand. You will get all the needed knowledge about Jim Beam and its history. There are a few recipes you can use at your parties to engage people more in your conversation and to make your party more alive. All the Jim Beam prices along with its properties and contents are shared. In the end, you will have a brief knowledge of Jim Beam and its brand.

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