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Jagermeister Prices and Sizes – Properties and Some Crazy Recipes!

It’s full of herbs. Yes! That’s what comes to my mind when I hear about the Jagermeister. It contains 56 herbs and spices with an alcohol content of 35% by volume.

Jagermeister translates to ‘Hunting Master,’ a name given by Germans when Curt Mast developed its recipe in 1935. Jager is not just a party shot, as is considered by the Americans, and it’s special. Jagermeister drinks are often associated with frat parties and are hazardously abused, whereas this liquor deserves more respect.

Jagermeister Prices image
Jagermeister Prices image

The bottles of Jagermeister are dark green and can be recognized by a deer on the label. This drink has a botanical sense attached to it; it is in-fact a ‘digestif,’ i.e., lower-ABV liqueur, infused with herbs, spices, bark, love, etc. So it’s not just alcohol, it’s helping you digest your food. To grab this drink, see how are the Jagermeister prices in the market.

Updated Prices of Jagermeister

Everyone wants to spend on something worth their hard-earned money, and when it comes to liquor, people are very choosy.

To be chosen by the public, a drink has to taste good. At the same time, it should not be costly. Jagermeister fits perfectly in all these conditions. Also, it is a digestif, gives one more reason to be chosen by its customers. Jagermeister Prices of different sizes and various stores are mentioned below.

Common Jagermeister Price List

Jagermeister bottle price is just perfect for anyone who is up for a nice drink and who wants to take their shots to the next level. This liquor comes in 2 quantities; in a 375ml bottle, a 750ml bottle. The price for its 375 ml bottle is $12.99, while the price for its 750 ml ranges from $16.99 up to $23.99.

It doesn’t matter if you want to drink its 375 ml pack alone or a 750ml with your friends. The prices of Jagermeister are not a thing to be worried about.

People say Jaggermeister’s prices and sizes are one of the many good things they love about it. You can check the Jager sizes and prices in the market below.

TypeJagermeister SizesPrice of Jagermeister
Jagermeister Liqueur1L$28
Jagermeister Liqueur750ml$23
Jagermeister Liqueur1.75L$32
Jagermeister 375ml price375mlaround $13

Jagermeister Prices at Stores

The Jagermeister sizes and prices at different stores like Walmart, CVS, Costco, Target, etc are as follows.

Type Sizes of Jager bottles Prices
Sam’s Club
Jagermeister 750ml $18.58
Jagermeister Price Walmart
Jagermeister 750ml $19.47
Jager drink price 750ml $16.99
Target Jagermeister Price
Jagermeister 750ml $23.99
Jagermeister 750ml $22.49
Jagermeister CVS
Jagermeister 375ml $12.99
Jagermeister 750ml $23.99

Properties of Jagermeister

Coming to the properties, Jagermeister is infused with botanicals for a complex rainbow of flavors and depth. As already mentioned above, the Jagermeister drinks contain 56 herbs and spices with 35% alcohol(Jagermeister proof- 61 degrees) by volume. 

According to Jagermeister Nutrition Facts, 1 oz of Jager contains about 8g of alcohol and 11g of carbohydrates summing up to a total of just 100 calories. Jagermeister calories are moderate in amount compared to other liquors in the market. Even the carbs in Jagermeister are extremely low.

With that said, it’s clear that Jagermeister ingredients not only give you a nice buzz but some health benefits of Jagermeister too, provided taken in the right amounts. It was earlier believed that Jager contains deer or elk blood hence explaining the deer on its bottle, but it’s a myth, and we now know it.

So these were the Jagermeister health benefits and nutritional facts. Now let’s discuss how it should be consumed.

Consumption of Jagermeister Drinks

Jagermeister’s alcohol content is just perfect for making it versatile enough to be mixed with a large number of drinks. Jagermeister mixed drinks are the ones favored by most people. It has an overpowering taste just like black licorice, so it can be very pungent when ingested straight. 

Jagermeister cocktails can go from Jager-Bomb, the symbol of partying and enjoying, to as elegant as ‘just jager’ made with a lot of ice, a little lime, and cucumbers. Some suggest not to chill it too hard as it might dull the flavor while others like the exact opposite. 

Jagermeister Recipes

How to serve Jagermeister is one important thing for its consumers. There are a number of Jagermeister recipes that can be easily made, some of which are mentioned below:

How to serve Jagermeister?

  1. Surfer on Acid: It’s one of the people’s favorites. It’s tropical and refreshing taste is what people love about it. Moreover, it’s extremely simple to make, requiring only 3 ingredients, including the Jager; coconut rum and pineapple juice.
  2. Fright Night in a grove: This Jagermeister cocktail also has a tropical flavor. Jager dominates the flavor with a little grapefruit juice.
  3. The German Vacation: The main ingredient of this drink is the gold rum. Then ginger, orgeat syrups, a touch of lemon, and some Peychaud’s Bitter is added. That’s enough to bring water in your mouth already.
  4. The Widowmaker: Firstly, vodka mixed with Jager in a specified amount. Then grenadine and coffee liqueur are added to make it perfect. If you serve your friends this drink, they’ll love it but never know the secret ingredient.
  5. Bed of Roses: This lovely drink has a perfect balance of sweet and sour. It resembles a vintage sour because of tart citrus. Some sweetness of grenadine makes it much favored by people.  

Interesting facts about Jagermeister

While we already mentioned the common facts about Jagermeister, there are many that very few people know. 

  1. Jagermeister initially made in a vinegar factory? Or did you know there are only three bottling plants of jager in the world?
  2. Germans have a thing for naming, so of course, Jagermeister has a different name too, and that is ‘Liver Glue’ because it’s a digestif.
  3. Very few people know this, but Jagermeister is incredibly hard to manufacture. Jagermeister liquor takes 1 year to be prepared. For one whole year, all the ingredients are mixed and stored in Oak barrels. Then it has to undergo a total of 383 quality checks, which includes another round of filtering with caramel, sugar, alcohol, and water.
  4. Jagermeister’s health benefits include not only healthy digestion but also a clear throat.


What kind of liquor is Jagermeister?

Jagermeister is an herbal liqueur. 

What is Jagermeister?

An alcoholic drink; Jagermeister is a digestif and full of herbs.

What does Jagermeister taste like?

Jagermeister tastes like a blend of citrus, sweet, and rich in spice. 

How to drink Jagermeister?

Jagermeister is drunk as a shot, pours it in a glass, fill it with ice or mix it with Red Bull. 

What is Jagermeister made of?

Jagermeister is made up of 56 herbs, fruits, roots, and spices.

Is Jagermeister Gluten Free?

Yes, Jagermeister is Gluten-Free.

How much is a bottle of Jagermeister?

Jagermeister bottle price varies from $12.99 to $23.99

How many carbs in Jagermeister?

Carbs in Jagermeister are 22.4g per serving.

How many calories in Jagermeister bottle?

Jagermeister calories are 209 cal in 30ml shot. So, for 375ml bottle there will be around 2600 calories.

What is the alcohol content of Jagermeister?

Jagermeister alcohol content is 35%. You can check other properties from Jagermeister nutrition label.

What can you mix Jagermeister with?

You can mix Jagermeister with sugary drinks and lemonade according to Jagermeister review from many users. 

Does Jagermeister contain deer blood?

Jagermeister does not contain deer blood. It’s just the myth because of the deer symbol on its bottle.

What are Jagermeister bottle sizes?

Jager bottle sizes are 750ml, 375ml, 1L and 1.75L. You can check the prices of all different sizes of Jagermeister bottles above.

Final Words

This hunting drink is all waiting for you to hunt it down and enjoy its taste. It’s vividly clear that the Jagermeister will fit perfectly in your parties, on your dinner table, and even in your sick days. Some people say the best way to drink Jagermeister is during dinner. Take a bite of your food and then take a sip of your liquor. 

So see the Jagermeister prices above, get a bottle and enjoy it. Happy Drinking!

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