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Instagram Works on Ways to Recover Hacked Accounts

Choosing a strong and secure password or F2A everywhere possible would be a great idea rather than struggling to recover a hacked account. This is true in case of Instagram where we hear countless stories about users reporting on problems they face while recovering the account.

Instagram understood the struggle of users and came up with a solution. Social Network Instagram is trying to provide more assurance in recovering hacked accounts. Facebook Owned Messaging App Instagram is working on a new in-app for the recovery process. New In-App is making it harder for thieves to get away with the act.

Currently, Account Lock holders should write an email specific verification to the security team to restore the access. One way in which the platform accepts the verification is an emailed Photograph along with a letter having a handwritten code. The in-app function allows you to submit the contact details related to the account. Thereafter, you will get an access code and this works even if your account is hacked or details changed.

In order to control the cases where hackers alter contact data and username Instagram has come up with a safety feature. You can’t claim username after account changes for a period of time whether it is a hack or voluntary change. As a part of the recovery process, users need to fill personal information such as email, Phone Number etc. You will get a six-digit code to contact information of your choice.

The new method has a few advantages, that is it is making the entire process easier. In fact, the process is becoming automated i.e. you need not rely on the security team, making it more efficient.

How Does It Work?

With the new method, you can recover an account even if the intruder has changed contact data and user name. Photo Messaging App prevents hackers from using email and Phone Number Codes to take over the Accounts. You can start the Recovery Process by typing incorrect password multiple times or by typing Need for More Help.

An Instagram Spokesperson said “We know that losing access to your account can be a distressing experience. We have measures in place to stop accounts from being hacked in the first place, as well as measures to help people recover their accounts. But we heard from the community that these measures aren’t enough, and people are struggling to regain access to their accounts.”

Username Lockdown is available to Android Users and iOS users as well. As of now, to recover a hacked account users have to wait for a recovery email or fill up the support form and both are time-consuming. Instagram New Recovery Process will allow users to recover the account from the app itself rather than depending on the security team.

Email Based Codes will not work After Recovery

At times, hackers try to access your email or mobile number. The Photo Sharing App claims this will not happen once you recover your account. This is a common issue across Instagram where hackers target such as single words or first names.

The Company is trying to take some additional measures so that hackers can’t use codes sent to Phone Number, Email. Thus, they can’t access your account from other devices. This Process allows a hacking victim to get back to his account if the intruder has changed your username or password.

As of now, there are not so many details about the in-app recovery details for users across the world. Instagram will take a decision once the parent company Facebook fixes the Security Issue. Passwords of around 200-600 million users are saved in plain text and are also readable by its staff members. This move may not prevent account hijacks but would prevent the perpetrators from taking advantage of vulnerabilities in the current system.

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