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Huawei Preparing Hongmeng OS Rollout to replace Android

Huawei is gearing up to release an alternate Operating System in its devices. An executive of China’s Huawei which was banned from Working with U.S Tech Firms confirmed about the Software Rollout. In fact, the Company is planning to launch its Hongmeng OS to replace the Android OS.

Andrew Williamson the Vice President of the Company stated in one of his interviews that Company Will Trademark Hongmeng. Data revealed from the U.N. World Intellectual Property Organization says that Telecom Company has already applied for Trademark.

Donald Trump’s Administration kept Huawei on the blacklist and banned it from doing business with U. S Tech Companies. With this decision, Huawei will not able to do business with companies like Alphabet Inc, whose Android OS it uses in its Phones.

The brand has brought around 1 million devices to test and is striving hard to trademark the Hongmeng Name across the World. In fact, the trademark descriptions tell us that the Hongmeng will be used for Plenty of Devices like Smartphones, Tablets, PC.

The Company’s Vice President said that Chipmakers already knew Cutting Down of Huawei can have disastrous consequences for their business.

Williamson said that he is expecting sales to cut down by 20% when compared to last year. The Company also mentioned in March that three of its business groups will see double-digit growth this year.

As per Reports, Huawei has already filed for Trademark in multiple countries namely Canada, New Zealand, Cambodia, and South Korea, etc. One bottom line Huawei has to face leaving Android OS is Playstore Access. Through this, the company might miss lots of verified and trustworthy apps that come with the Play Store.

The Chinese Company comes with its Own App Store Huawei App Gallery. However, it lacks some features that come with Google and Apple’s Counterparts. In fact, the company should bring most of the top apps if they want to stay relevant.

As per Reports, Huawei even reached Developers having Apps on the App Store. There is a buzz that the company also requested to publish their apps on Huawei App Gallery to help it boost its business.

“Huawei is in the process of potentially launching a replacement,” Williamson said in Mexico City. “It’s not something Huawei wants. We’re very happy of being part of the Android family, but Hongmeng is being tested, mostly in China.”

Huawei would be more than happy and stays with Google Android System if the US Government Revokes their decision. Huawei took a lot of Pressure to deliver a finished and feasible alternative to the Android. However, it has a backup plan preparing from years and is ready to launch in a few months.

Developing a New OS from Scratch is not going to be easy for Huawei. The Company took this as a challenge and is surviving in the Competition where Android and iOS have already made their mark.

At last, healthy competition will always lead to better results and we are waiting eagerly what Hongmeng OS Comes with.

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