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Google Unveils Pixel 4 Design: Dual Rear Cameras and a Different Look

Google took a drastic move and partially revealed the design of the upcoming Pixel 4 ahead before the official release. The Company published an image on its official Made by Google Twitter Account. Google’s Official Look confirms the leaked images we have seen so far. Based on the images revealed, we can infer some details by looking at it.

Google has been substantially changing its Pixel’s Design, and Pixel 4 is the first Pixel to come with Dual Rear Cameras. Top and Bottom appears to be Split View Based on the back of the Phone image leaked. Pixel 4 has all glass back similar to that of Pixel 3. This time, Google has abandoned two-tone design, which it has been using ever since the Original Pixel. In fact, the glass has a texture throughout and uniform look.

Dual Rear Cameras: Tow Rear Cameras are placed in the middle of the square at the back of the phone. Earlier Google stuck to a single rear camera and is still capable of taking portrait mode shots. However, most of the high-end competitors are using two or more cameras on their phones.

There are few things such as focal length which can’t be created using Software Magic. The second lens of the Phone, Changes Google is going to take both hardware and software wise is still a mystery. We shall see What Software Tricks Google is going to implement with the new lens.

Finger Print Sensor: In Pixel 4 Fingerprint Sensor didn’t appear on the back of the Phone. Thus, the company is likely going to embed the fingerprint sensor within the display which has been in trend in Android Phones this year.

Contrast Power Button: On the right edge of the Phone, you will have a Power and Volume Button. Although it’s a small detail, it appears to be a nice one. From the Past Two Years, Google is making contrast color of Power Buttons on all except black ones. Contrast Color adds a nice look to the Phone and at last Pixel 4 has got around this time with a white Power Button.

Rear Design: Google has got a fair design for its first three Pixel generations, making it unique from other Phones. It is not clearly evident whether the back is matte or glossy from the image unveiled. iPhone is expected to have a Similar Shaped Camera Bump and Plain Back like Pixel 4, making both the models look alike.

It’s quite surprising that Google Revealed the design of Pixel 4 months ahead of its official launch. Company is trying to avoid the Pixel 3 Scenario where every bit of information is out before the official launch. However, rumours are still on the hype about the prototype and Google needs to take a move other than the back of the Phone.

There is a Widespread of rumours about a lot of features Google is going to introduce in its next Phone. We shall wait till its official launch which is expected to be in the Coming Months. However, we shall know a lot more about this Phone if the pace of early leaks remains the same.

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