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Google to Launch Redesigned Menu with Icons

Google to bring a new look for its search pages with a pill-shaped search bar.  The Company came up with a new update to its ever-changing search engine.  Changes can be seen in the Top Search Menu where you will get relevant icons. New Search Menu got icons along with regular ones like News, Shopping, Images, Videos and more.

The Change was initially noted in March of this year when Google started testing. Google started small icons next to text rather than simply having a text. However, this new look was visible to a limited set of users at the time of testing. Search Category Icons are introduced in the year 2010 later Google Removed them the following year.

Google Material Theme began testing Theme Icons in addition to each search category on the Web. Google Constantly tests new designs for its search pages every now and then. However, it makes broader changes for a couple of years. The Menu starts with All results having a magnifying glass icon colored in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green the Google’s logo Theme. You will get Images, News, Books and more after All Results.

When you select the Particular Icon they appear in Google’s Red, Blue, Green, Orange Theme and if not hovered they will be in light gray. In More Menu, Google has got both Personal and Finance Menus. When you click on Personal Menu you will get Personal Business Information, browsing history based information regarding your search query.

Google has added some amazing features to Images Icon. On clicking the Images Icon you can see on the top right about Collections, Safe Search. You can save the images you search at one place using Collections Tab. Furthermore, with Safe Search, you can filter explicit images and results.

Along with the Search Categories, you will see an Overflow Menu in a three-dot Icon. The Order of the categories appearing in the More Icon will depend on the Query you search. Tools Menu Changes as per the item you select from the Menu in dropdown Sub Menu.

Let Suppose you click on News, you can sort the news based on your preference like past 1 hour, past month, recent news etc. Thus, you can have the News which is most relevant to your search with these advanced tools. In the Same Way, if you click on Videos and then select tools you can sort the videos and apply filters from the dropdown like quality, source.

We are not sure why Google has come up with the New Icons as they are not adding any value and instead cluttered the Cleaner Look. However, the Changes made will not impact much on the functionality of SERP Pages but will definitely bring a fresh look to Google Search Results Pages.

It’s not evident Whether these Icons will have a Wider Release or a simple user-specific test. With time, you will find even more features while exploring Search Menu. Google Said that it will improvise both search results and user experience in the future with its Updates.

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