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Google Photos will end sync with Drive from July 10th

Google Photos will no longer Sync to Google Drive from July 2019. After providing automatic Sync between Google Photos and Drive for a long time Google thought of ending the sync as it is too confusing for users. The Company’s aim is to prevent the deletion of Photos and Videos accidentally. It can be of great inconvenience to users who frequently access their memories from Google Drive.

Post July 10th Google Photos and Drive starts Syncing independently. Google plans to implement this new move as users are finding Crosssyncing confusing. Photos and Videos Uploaded by then will not have any effect and the ones posted later July 10th won’t Sync anymore.

With the Brand New Change, your Videos and Photos will not automatically Sync in Google Photos. In the Same Way, your Photos and Videos will not be added to the Photos Folder of Google Drive. It is important to note that files you remove from Google Drive will not be deleted from Photos and Vice Versa. This Update will be effective starting after July 10th and will have an impact on end users.

Dan Schlosser, Jason Gupta writes in a Joint Blog Post as such “Our goal with these changes is to simplify some features that caused confusion for our users, based on feedback and our own research.”

The Company took this drastic step to avoid the Confusion caused due to Automatic Sync between Google Drive and Photos. Existing Photos and Videos will be available the same on both the Products Google Drive and Photos. However, if you delete or add in Photos they won’t be automatically added or deleted in Google Drive.

Now, you will get an “Upload from Drive Option” so that you can copy Photos or Videos to your Google Photos. However, you will end up having two versions of the same file. This move will kill more space especially if the copied image is of original quality. For users who want to sync Photos and Videos between Google Photos and Drive has a backup and Sync app for both MacOS and Windows Platforms.

This Change will not just affect regular consumers but also affect G Suite Users. As of now, G Suite Users can sync Photos and Drive. Through this, when users upload a file to Google Photos the file will be automatically Saved to Google Drive. Once, these Changes came into action the Google Photos Folder will not receive updates anymore. The Folder won’t go away anywhere but simply stops syncing with Photos.

New Update will definitely make Google Photos a better place to store your memories like Photos and Videos forever. You can now manually copy or add content between Google Drive and Photos. In fact, this move prevents all your important memories from getting deleted accidentally.

On the other hand, removing sync between Google Photos and Drive makes it tough for users to upload everything to Drive. You can’t place Photos and Videos present in your Photos App to Drive by Simply Syncing to Drive.

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