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Google Chrome New Extension lets Users Report Suspicious Sites

Google introduced a New Chrome Extension as the need for safe browsing is increasing day to day. Tech Savy Users know how to protect them online however some of them fall prey for online phishing scams and malicious sites. Google is trying to protect users online from deceptive websites with tow new features. Search giant came up with a new chrome extension within the Chrome web browser to safeguard users online.

The Company is already using a Safe Browsing Service to protect users from various Phishing Attacks. The Company came up with a Suspicious Site Reporter Extension. Through this, users can report malicious websites to Google’s Safe Browsing Service. So, such malicious websites can be analysed, blacklisted and reviewed in other browsers as well who use Safe Browsing API.

Safe Browsing API is available not only in Chrome Browsers but also in Apple’s Safari as well as Mozilla FireFox. As per the Company, Safe Browsing Service of Google Protects around 4 million users each day. In fact, the Service warns you if you try to download a harmful file or When you land on Suspicious Websites. The Safe Browsing Service is in wide use across multiple platforms and Browsers.

Safe Browsing Feature will work only if it knows on what websites to protect. This is why the Tech Gaint Google is encouraging Users to Report Suspicious Websites. Through this extension, you will pave a way for Google to identify fake or malicious websites in a quick way.  The extension turns orange if it finds anything dubious about the page you are visiting.

Suspicious Site Reporter

Google Chrome Toolbar will have an icon which comes with Suspicious Site Reporter Extension. You can download and install the extension for free of cost. If you click on the icon, a pop window will open where you can report in the current city they are on. You can add the websites you feel unsafe to Safe Browsing List and Google will evaluate them later. However, if you add a site to Safe Browsing List you will not just protect chrome users but also users of other browsers present on the web.

As of now, Google Safe Browsing Service is developing a list of malicious websites by itself. Google analyses the websites crawled by its Spiders and traces out whether they are Suspicious or not. New “Suspicious Site Reporter” extension will make the browsing experience furthermore easy as it allows users to report malicious or fraudulent websites.

Suspicious Site Reporter Extension will be available on the Official Chrome Web Store. This becomes the go-to tool for Infosec Researchers and Market Analysts who search for bad sites.

Chrome Warning for Sites having Deceptive URLs

Along with the extension, Google Security Team came up with a second safety feature. Chrome 75 Users will see a security warning if they access the sites having deceptive URLs. The New URL Feature works by comparing the page you are currently there and the URLs you have recently visited which look alike.

You might be confused in this situation and a warning will pop up letting you go back to safety. Moreover, you will be asked to visit the correct website. This is useful where scammers try to trick users by replacing single or multiple characters of a URL.

Chrome 75 New Feature prevents users from loading deceptive websites. For instance, if you try to open instead of it will warn you that is it the one you wish to go as you don’t visit it actually. Users and Security Experts can improve Google taking the help of Newly introduced Suspicious Site Reporter. You can even send ScreenShot, DOM Content along with a URL.

This new feature’s work started last year and is under test in Chrome’s Canary Version. If you want to try these new features you need to upgrade to the latest version of Google Chrome and install the Suspicious Site Reporter Extension from Chrome Web Store.

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