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Gmail’s Dynamic Email Rolls Out for Users from July 2

Earlier in this year, Google added Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support to Gmail. AMP made it possible to create interactive content that works right with Gmail. These dynamic emails will allow users to take certain actions within an email without leaving their present screen. Google has stated that it will launch these dynamic emails to all Gmail and G Suite users from July 2.

Google Chrome, Opera, Safari on the desktop should support the feature and Gmail apps on Andriod or iOS. Built in AMP, dynamic email allows its users to interact with emails in new ways. Instead of giving a response to messages, Gmail users will be able to perform an action. Those actions may include RSVP for events, fill out surveys, respond to comments and browse images.

These features will allow Google Docs users to view comments posts on a document directly in Gmail instead of separate email alerts. The company google tells that the feature is available in Gmail on the web, while support for the mobile will be available soon.

Companies namely and Pinterest have signed up to offer interactive content to their users on Gmail. will notify users about their hotel reservations, users can navigate within the email itself. Pinterest will allow its customers to save ideas to their boards from right inside Gmail.

A handful of businesses are using dynamic email to reduce the barriers to entry into their product or service. As you can say, the feature will be particularly helpful for advertising because it makes easy for customers to respond to an offer. The dynamic emails sent by OYO Rooms & Booking let users navigate hotel rooms from within an email, without visiting the travel fare sites.

G Suite admins were capable to enable the feature for their users till now. From 2nd July 2019, the dynamic email feature will turn on for all users by default. G Suit administrators can disable it for their users.

Google’s Gmail app has crossed 5 billion downloads on the company’s Play Store. So far, Youtube, Google Search and Google Maps have been able to reach the milestone. With Gmail inbox shutting down, more and more users seem to be switching to the default Gmail app.

From the sounds of it, the dynamic email could fundamentally change the way we use Gmail, as long as the implementation goes right. If you can complete an action, like booking a room from beginning to end. Then this will save valuable time and prevent you from opening additional webpages.

The people who are interested in using the dynamic email before the official launch should enable the beta version of the feature now. On July 2, people will begin receiving emails only if the feature is shown as enable by the senders. If you want to rule out the feature, you can disable it within Gmails account settings.

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