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Gatorade Price per Bottle | Delicious Recipes and Nutritional Facts

Everyone needs an energy drink to make their day more enjoyable, full of thoughts, and high energy levels in our body. But, it does not mean that you should resolve towards drinking high sugar drinks that are harmful not only to you but also to your inner organs. Drinking high sugar drinks can result in diabetes, so what is the best way to start your day with an energy drink? What about trying the amazing Gatorade Flavors in bottles?

Gatorade is a company that has been selling these high energy sports drinks for the last 50 years. It is unbelievable to see how much they have prospered since then. Currently, this company is selling this high energy drink to almost more than 80 countries.

The best part of it is the Gatorade Ingredients that make each variant of this drink tastes different. There are so many flavors available that it becomes hard to choose which one to buy. Now we will see the Gatorade prices and availability at different stores.

Gatorade Prices

The Gatorade prices purely depends upon the Gatorade Bottle Sizes. For example, if you buy a 28×12 oz. Bottle, it will be around $12.99, whereas if you opt to buy a larger size, such as 35×16.9 oz. Gatorade Sizes bottle, it will be approximately $15.89. The Organic Gatorade will be around $1.99 only for a 16.9 oz. Bottle. Therefore, we can say that considering the standard of ingredients and quality, the price is very much reasonable and justified.

Gatorade Prices image

Price of Gatorade of different flavors

TypeSizeGatorade Price per Bottle
Gatorade32 oz. Bottle$1.49
Gatorade 20 oz. Bottle$1.68
Gatorade Price 32 Oz32 oz Bottle$1
Gatorade 18 x 12 oz. Bottle$8.68
Gatorade Powder Makes 6 Gallons$8.38
Gatorade6 x 20 oz. Bottle$5.44
Gatorade1 Gallon$3.98
Gatorade 12 x 12 oz. Bottle5.98
Target Gatorade Price
Gatorade 24 oz. Bottle1.19
Gatorade8 x 20 oz. Bottle5.69
32 Oz Gatorade32 oz. Bottle0.99
Gatorade Organic 16.9 oz. Bottle1.59
Gatorade 12 x 12 o.z Bottle5.99
Gatorade 64 oz. Bottle2.12
Gatorade 18 x 12 oz. Bottle9.19
Sams Club
Gatorade24 x 20 oz. Bottle$12.94
Gatorade28 x 12 oz. Bottle$12.98
64 Oz Gatorade64 oz. Bottle$2.99
Gatorade 4 x 20 oz. Bottle$3.99
Gatorade 28 oz. Bottle$2.49
Gatorade Price 20 Oz20 oz. Bottle$1.79
Gatorade 24 oz. Bottle$1.99
Costco Gatorade Prices
Gatorade35 x 16.9 oz. Bottle$15.89
Gatorade28 x 12 oz. Bottle$12.99
Gatorade 64 oz. Bottle$3.49
Gatorade Organic 16.9 oz. Bottle$1.99
Gatorade Price 20 Oz20 oz. Bottle$1.99
Gatorade 24 oz. Bottle$2.09
Gatorade 28 oz. Bottle$2.49
Gatorade 4 x 20 oz. Bottle$4.19

Gatorade Nutrition Facts

In a bottle of Gatorade, you will find many different contents. A bottle of Gatorade will provide you with calories as well as carbohydrates. It does not consist of any amount of cholesterol or fats. You will find that a single bottle will include 200 Gatorade Calories.

The same bottle will also provide you about 56g of carbohydrates. Essential electrolytes are also present in Gatorade. Minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and many more are present in a bottle of Gatorade. All these electrolytes will give you an adrenaline boost and energize you.

It also does not contain any amount of alcohol as well as protein. It is a non-alcoholic drink used to hydrate the user. If you research more about Gatorade, you will find that it will also contain some percentage of vitamins. Vitamins like A, C are present.

As salt and sugar are added in the hefty amount, it also consists of iodine and sucrose. If you want to know more about it, you should check the label present at the back of the bottle. You can also check the contents by browsing them on the internet.

How to consume Original Gatorade in right way?

Gatorade comes in the form of liquid as well as in powder. Have a look at price of Gatorade before you opt for any one of them. Serving will be dependent upon which one you choose. If you are opting for a bottle of Gatorade, you can serve it in a glass or by the bottle itself. If you are opting for powder, you can mix it with other drinks as well. Or you can simply add it in a glass of water and serve it. 

Do’s and Don’ts for Current Gatorade Flavors


  1. Shake the drink of Gatorade before you consume it. If you opt for a bottle, the minerals may settle down at the bottom, and the upper half will be tasteless.
  2. Mix the solution of Gatorade if you are opting for the powered pack. Stir it properly before you serve it to the consumer. 


  1. Do not consume Gatorade with any drink which contains caffeine. It will be harmful to you if you do it.
  2. Do not add an excessive amount of sugar in your drink of Gatorade since it consists of a high amount of sugar already.

Interesting Facts on Gatorade Bottle

Gulping on a Gatorade surely quenches our thirst, but what would make it more enjoyable if you knew some of the facts related to it and some of the most popular Gatorade Flavor. Therefore, in this segment, we are going to share some of the facts that will leave you amazed.

Fact #1: We already know that Gatorade is supposed to be a sports energy drink. But before this fabulous Light Blue Gatorade was even marketed, it was made to help the football team belonging to Florida, to keep their energy intact and remain hydrated all the time during the sport.

Fact #2: Gatorade is a very costly drink, not in terms of consumer price, but terms of its production price. When the first batch of Gatorade Zero was made it almost cost a fortune. Fifty years ago, the cost was $43, and if we consider the current price and inflation, you can say it costs almost $325.

Fact #3: As we have already mentioned, the drink was initially meant for Florida football players. And according to the players, the drink tasted horrible. But they overcame it and drank it anyway just to keep themselves hydrated. According to one player, he said, “It tasted like a bodily waste.”

Fact #4: This is the most fantastic fact anyone could know. The time when the drink was manufactured, there appeared to be an alarming rise in the number of dehydration cases in babies. Therefore, a hospital suggested giving the babies Gatorade to save their lives and keep them hydrated. The number of death counts decreased, and the scenario of dehydration in babies changed overnight.

Fact #5: This tradition started in the year of 1985, where after every big win in the NFL, the team would pour Icy Cool Blue Gatorade on their coach as a celebration. It originally began as a prank, which has now become a tradition.

Fact #6: The first person to have become the face for Gatorade was Michael Jordan. He was paid approximately $1.4 million per year for almost ten years.

Fact #7: Gatorade has become so popular that there is no single energy drink company that can compete with it. Their popularity is so high that it is the only energy drink company that sponsors all the teams of the NFL.

Fact #8: Everyone loves to mix their alcohol with drinks. And so happened in the case of Gatorade as well. A person named Dr. Cade sold a recipe for beer and Gatorade to the company, and the last batch of it was made in 2004. It was called the Hop’n Gator.

Gatorade Recipes

Here, we are going to share some of the Gatorade Smoothie Recipes that will surely leave you craving for more. Drinking a simple energy drink can be easy, but what if we can give it our twist to it. Won’t that be better? And that is what we are going to do now. These recipes are the top 3 that we have tried so far and are delicious.

Cool as Cucumber

This recipe is very easy to make, considering you have a juicer at home. Most people love to drink it on the warm days of summer and in the evening time after coming from the office. The ingredients for this recipe are shared below.

  • One cucumber
  • 2 limes
  • Half cup of coconut water
  • Gatorade bottle

You will have to start by using your juicer to juice both the cucumber and lime. Pour it out on a pitcher and add the coconut water and Gatorade to it. Add some ice, and mix it well. The drink is ready to be served.

Tangy but sweet Gatorade

I have always loved the tangy-sweet taste on my tongue. It gives a sensation to my delightful body, especially in the morning.

  • 1 cup of orange juice
  • 3 tablespoon honey
  • Half cup lemon juice
  • ½ tsp salt
  • Gatorade bottle

The recipe is very simple, all you have to do is put the ingredients in a blender, and mix it. Pour the drink into a glass and add some ice to it.

Melony Gatorade

This drink is loved by many, especially because of its color. The Gatorade already has a neon blue color, but for this recipe, you can use the colorless Gatorade, as it will help get the color of the watermelon to it.

  • A piece of watermelon, sliced well
  • 1 glass of coconut water
  • 1 pinch Himalayan salt
  • Gatorade Bottle

Like the last recipe, here too, you have to pour all ingredients into a blender and mix it well. Pour it out on glass, add some ice, and the drink is ready to be served at any party.

Banned Countries for Gatorade

Gatorade is not banned in any country or place. It is legal to consume it regardless of your residency.


Is Gatorade good for you?

Yes, Gatorade is good for your health. Gatorade Protein Shake will give you a boost of you to start your day and stay energized all the time.

What is Gatorade?

Gatorade is an energy sport themed drink manufactured by MNC PepsiCo.

Is Gatorade good for a hangover?

Gatorade is a remedy for a hangover. It will help you in the morning after having a great party last night.

How many ounces in a Gatorade bottle?

Usually, you will find 32 Oz Gatorade bottles, but if you want more, you can also get a bottle of 64 Oz Gatorade.

How much sugar is in Gatorade?

Each bottle of Gatorade consists of 34g sugar.

Which university created Gatorade as a way of enhancing their football teams performance?

The University of Florida created Gatorade as a way of enhancing its Football Teams Performance.

What electrolytes are in Gatorade?

There are many electrolytes present in Gatorade. Mainly, it consists of potassium, calcium, and sodium.

Why is Gatorade bad for you?

Since it consists of a high amount of sugar, it may be harmful to you. But if you consume it in a limited amount, it will not harm you in any way and improve your health.

How much Gatorade is too much?

Drinking almost one bottle of Gatorade every day can be too much for you. Therefore, it is advisable to consume only 3 to 4 bottles a week.

How much sodium in Gatorade?

A typical bottle of Gatorade will constitute 450 milligrams of sodium per liter.

How many calories in Gatorade?

The Gatorade consists of 50 calories, which is much lesser compared to Powerade.

How much potassium is in Gatorade?

The amount of potassium in Gatorade is 75 mg per liter of Gatorade.

What flavor is cool Blue Gatorade?

The flavor of cool blue Gatorade ice is of citric acid, honey, and acai.

How long is Gatorade good for?

If the Gatorade is kept refrigerated after opening, it will last for 3 to 5 days. But it must be sealed shut.

How many carbs in Gatorade?

The amount of carbs in Gatorade is 56 grams per liter.

What was the first Gatorade flavor?

The first Gatorade flavor to be manufactured was lemon-lime.


Here are Gatorade Prices that you can find anywhere. This drink has gained massive followers throughout the world, due to its fantastic flavors, taste, and the way it keeps your body hydrated. Gatorade is a must-have drink for every sports player and people who spend their day doing exhaustive work and need a lot of energy.

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