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Fireball Prices and Sizes – Get Natural Cinnamon Flavoring Whiskey Now!

Fireball is the combination of natural cinnamon flavoring and Canadian whiskey.  The Fireball drink was first introduced in the year 1984, and it gradually became famous in Canada and other countries. At present, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is available widely all over the world, including Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, Norway, Israel, Singapore, Australia, and many other countries.

Fireball Prices image
Fireball Prices image

The Fireball whiskey drinks are smooth, and the flavor of this drink is different and flavorsome.  It is just like warming in the tummy and tangy on the tongue. The drink has the flavor of cinnamon candy, along with sweet and spicy tones that one will always love.  In this article, we will have a look at the price guide of this unique drink, and a few tips on how best you can consume Fireball whiskey as a cocktail or mixer ingredient. Lets move to the Fireball Prices section.

Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey Prices

Fireball whiskey price is not that high, it is the mid-range drink tilting on to the budget-conscious. The Fireball drinks price differs based on the region, but the Fireball Liquor prices are a little high in the EU and more because of the import taxation and various plans.  There are different Fireball whiskey sizes and prices; one among them is Fireball 750ml price, which ranges from $12.99 to $19.99.  

Fireball Whiskey Price Range

TypeFireball Whiskey SizePrice
Fireball Cinnamon Whisky1L$16.99 – $21.99
Fireball Cinnamon Whisky1.75L$24.99 – $30.99
Fireball 750ml Prices750ml$12.99 – $17.99

Fireball Prices at Stores

The fireball bottle sizes and prices at different stores like Costco, Walgreens, CVS, others are mentioned below.

Type Sizes Fireball Whisky Price
Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey 750ml $13.97
Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey 1.75l $25.97
Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey 1l $14.79
Target Fireball Prices
Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey 750ml $14.99
Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey 750ml $15.99
CVS Fireball Handle Prices
CVS Fireball Whiskey 750ml $16.99

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Ingredients

Fireball whiskey is a Cinnamon flavored alcohol, which is a liqueur and pure spirit. For a drink to consider as a spirit, it should have 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof), but the Fireball alcohol content is just 33% by volume (66 proof). The ingredients present in Fireball are:

  • Canadian Whisky: Undoubtedly, the main content of this Fireball is Canadian whiskey. Don’t get confused with whiskey or scotch. 
  • Cinnamon: Cinnamon adds the strongest flavor to the Fireball drink, so it is the reason the drink is just like a liqueur than an original whiskey. 

The Fireball also has an antifreeze ingredient that is propylene glycol. 

How to Consume Fireball Drinks?

There are many ways to take Fireball whiskey based on your preferences and mood. When you are in a mood to have a whiskey itself, consume it as a shot, or have it on the rocks. However, for many people, it is difficult to drink it in a straight way because of its strong flavor. But, fortunately, there are several outstanding Fireball mixed drinks with lots of choices to choose from. 

You can boost your cider drink by adding Fireball. To enjoy the wonderful cinnamon flavor, add a Fireball shot to a pint of your preferred hard cider. Generally recommended cider for this Fireball drink is Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider, anyhow it will work with any cider. If you are in a mood to have a fizzy drink, mix three parts Dr.Pepper and 1 part Fireball for a Hot Pepper. For a piquant coffee flavor, mix coffee liqueur and Fireball in a glass. The Fireball whiskey helps in getting out many different tastes in the soda and makes it an enjoyable drink. 

Various Serving Choices

  • The Man-Mosa: 3 oz champagne, 1 ½ oz. Fireball whiskey, and splatter of orange juice. 
  • Ginger balls: 5 parts ginger and 1 part of Fireball whiskey.
  • Atomic apple: 1 part of apple schnapps and 1 part of Fireball whiskey
  • Balls-O-Fire: 5 oz. Fireball whiskey and a tiny container of cherries. 

Things to do with Fireball and Reasons to Avoid Fireball

When you are grown up, it’s better to stop drinking Fireball shots. But, if you are at a younger age, you don’t require giving it up. Instead, go with some alternative ways to consume it. Add some hot stuff into a shot glass and mix it up with one of these drinks so that you will be good on your path. The drinks are coke, ginger beer, coffee, apple cider, hot chocolate, carrot juice, and orange soda. 

For a few partygoers, taking Fireball whiskey shots is an eventual habit of passage. The consumption of cinnamon-infused liqueur, spicy, sweet can be severe, which even tempts a gang of friends out for the bar at night. But drinking Fireball shots is not that harmless, here are a few reasons that make you think twice before having Fireball shots. 

  • Some countries like Norway, Finland, and Sweden in the year 2014 declared a recall of this whiskey after knowing that it has a high quantity of propylene glycol, though FDA considered it safe, Finland and Sweden raised a note. 
  • It is one of the major hangovers, and when you stuff yourself too much in Fireball shots, the hangover is just like a torturous. The sugar quantity in its cinnamon flavor is the only one that aggravates the hangover feelings. 
  • The brand never certifies that the product is vegan or gluten-free and keeps its ingredients mystery.
  • Its calories are higher than regular whiskey because of its high sugar substance, and one shot of Fireball has 108 calories. In case of counting calories, the regular shot of other whiskey contains 70 calories and 86 proof compared to 66 Fireball alcohols proof. 

Exciting Truths about Fireball Whiskey

Below are some interesting and fun factoids about the Fireball that you may not be familiar with. 

  • It was first named Dr.McGillicuddy’s Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. 
  • Fireball whiskey was produced in the 1980s in Canada and was owned by Seagram’s company. 
  • Fireball whiskey was later amended to Sazerac Co. in the year 1989, and in 2007 it was re-branded with the name Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. 
  • In the year 2014, the Fireball whiskey met with a controversial statement regarding its propylene glycol content. 
  • Fireball even has an application that is “Fireball: Dragons, Dice, and Dares.” 
  • It contains 33% of alcohol by volume (66 proof)
  • From 2011 to 2013, the sales of Fireball whiskey have increased enormously from $1.9 million to a surprising $61 million. 
  • Fireball’s 1.5-ounce shot contains 108 calories. 

Fireball Banned Countries

Fireball whiskey is banned in Norway, Finland, and Sweden due to excess content of propylene glycol. 

Best Recipes of Fireball Whiskey

Consuming Fireball whiskey is a delicious liqueur when mixed with some cocktails. Here are some of the best recipes for Fireball. 

Angry Balls

  • 1 shot of Fireball whiskey
  • 1-pint Angry orchard Crisp apple cider

 Mix shot and a pint and have fun drinking. 

Fireball mule

Ginger and cinnamon are a great combination. This combination of a Moscow mule gives a real flavor. Two parts of ginger beer, 1 part Fireball whiskey, and little pineapple juice and then little fresh lime juice. 

Fiery Russian

Usually, white Russian consists of vodka, chocolate liqueur, and milk. Swap vodka with Fireball whiskey for having creamy cinnamon flavor. 


How much is a bottle of Fireball?

The Fireball bottle prices vary based on the area and size of a bottle. The standard Fireball sizes and prices are 750ml price ranges from $12.99 to $17.99, 1L ranges from $16.99 to $21.99, and 1.75L ranges from $24.99 to $30.99. You can check the fireball handle sizes and prices at different stores in the above sections.

What does Fireball taste like?

Fireball has a sugary flavor and particularly has the taste of cinnamon. 

How much is a pint of Fireball?

The pint price of Fireball ranges from $6.99 to $7.99. 

What proof is Fireball?

The Fireball alcohol proof is 66 US proof. 

What’s good to mix with Fireball?

You can mix Fireball with coke, ginger beer, apple cider, coffee, orange soda, carrot juice, and hot chocolate. 

How much is sugar content in Fireball?

There is about 11 g of Sugar present in 1 ½ oz. of Fireball whiskey. 

How many Carbs in Fireball?

Fireball whiskey has Carbs as follows,
1. Serving size: 1.5 oz.
108 calories, 100% 38g Carbs
2. Serving size: 1 oz.
72 calories, 100% 25g Carbs
3. Serving size: 43 gram
109 calories, 100% 38g Carbs

Where to purchase a Fireball firebox?

You can buy a Fireball firebox from many online stores like total wine, think liquor, Thrillist, Walmart, Booze bud, and many. 

What is the alcohol percentage in Fireball?

The Fireball alcohol percentage is 33% by volume. 

What soda to mix with Fireball?

Orange soda is good to mix with a Fireball. 

Is Fireball banned in some countries?

Yes, Fireball is banned in Finland, Norway and Sweden.


According to above Fireball Prices, you can know this best Cinnamon Whiskey is reasonably priced, and you can have it either sipping raw, who likes to enjoy the strong taste, or as an exotic mixer. Fireball whiskey reviews from reviewers are almost positive, and everyone loved the spicy cinnamon and sugary smooth flavor of this drink. At present, every version of Fireball is 100% free of propylene glycol in overall the world, including the US Now, it’s completely safe to drink, and the company is trying to improve all its products. 

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