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Fanta Prices (Updated List) – Nutrition Facts and Some Recipes

Originating from a German Word – ‘Fantasie,’ Fanta has undoubtedly found its way to the hearts of many people. The fruity flavors of Fanta Berry and all its other flavors are capable of transporting your consciousness from the hot summer days to the lovely days of spring. The original creation history of Fanta dates right after Coca Cola came into being. It was an answer to an emerging problem of missing fruity flavor.

With over 100 Fanta Flavors around the world, this company has seen a massive rise in quality and profit. But just because a company makes a large amount of profits does not mean that they charge a hefty price for it. You will know in the below section, how Fanta Prices are affordable to all.

Fanta Cold Drink Prices

Fanta has many flavors such as Strawberry Fanta, Green Apple Fanta, Fanta Grape, Peach Fanta, and so much more. All of them have different prices depending upon the kind of variant you choose. The price of the regular Fanta Orange is in and around $1.99, whereas the price for Grape flavored Fanta is around $5.59. A typical 2-liter bottle of Fanta Strawberry will fall in the range of $1.26, which is very cheap compared to others. Now check out the store wise Fanta Prices for all the bottle sizes and Cans.

Fanta Prices image

Fanta Soda Prices at Different Stores

Fanta Orange12 x 12 oz. Can$5.49
Fanta Orange8 x 12 oz. Bottle$5.49
Fanta Orange Zero12 x 12 oz. Can$5.49
Walmart Fanta Prices
Fanta Orange 2L Bottle$1.26
Fanta Pineapple 2L Bottle$1.26
Fanta Orange 20 oz. Bottle$1.78
Fanta Orange 12 x 12 oz. Can$4.68
Fanta Strawberry 2L Bottle$1.26
Fanta Orange 6 x 16.9 oz. Bottle$3
Fanta Orange 12 oz. Glass Bottle$1.18
Fanta Berry 2L Bottle$1.26
Fanta Orange 8 x 12 oz. Bottle$4.18
Fanta Orange 6 x 7.5 oz. Can$2.5
Kmart Fanta Cold Drink Prices
Fanta Orange 12 x 12 oz. Can$5.59
Fanta Grape 12 x 12 oz. Can$5.59
Fanta Orange 8 x 7.5 oz. Can$3.99
Fanta Pineapple 2L Bottle$1.99
Fanta Orange 1.25L Bottle$0.99
Fanta Orange 2L Bottle$1.99
Walgreens Fanta Prices
Fanta Orange12 x 12 oz. Can$6.19
Fanta Orange20 oz. Bottle$1.89
CVS Fanta Soda Prices
Fanta Pineapple 20 oz. Bottle$1.99
Fanta Orange 6 x 7.5 oz. Can$2.99
Fanta Orange 12 x 12 oz. Can$5.99
Fanta Orange 2L Bottle$2.27
Fanta Orange 20 oz. Bottle$1.99

Fanta Nutrition Facts

Many people across the world love Fanta. If you are consuming it, you should be aware of what the different Fanta Ingredients are and what is its contents. If you observe the label at the back of the bottle, you will know about all the contents of Fanta. If you carefully observe the label, you will see that a 100ml bottle consists of 3.1 kcal of Fanta Calories. Besides that, it also contains lots of sugar, about 2 percent is only sugar in Fanta. 

Most of the flavoured sodas contain some amount of salt. But Fanta does not have any percent of salt present in its bottle. You will get 0.5g of carbs if you are opting for a 100ml bottle of Fanta. It also does not contain any amount of protein as well. There are no essential minerals in Fanta. It does not contain any amount of fats as well as cholesterol, so anyone can consume it without worrying about gaining more weight. 

Fanta Zero Nutrition Facts are,

  • Total Fat: 0 G
  • Total Carbohydrate: 1 G
  • Sodium: 65 MG
  • Sugar: 0 G

Also, there are no saturated fat, cholesterol, trans fat, vitamin D, dietary fiber, iron, calcium, and potassium in Fanta Zero.

Right Way to Consume Fanta Drink

There are many ways you can consume Fanta. It is a perfect drink for children parties since it comes in many fruity flavors. If you are opting for a bottle of 330 ml of Fanta, you can pour it in a big jug with some ice to keep it chilled. Fanta tastes at its best when it is served at low temperatures. To serve Fanta cold, you can keep the bottle in the freezer, or you can add ice cubes that serve it. You should try different new flavors with different drinks to get nice experiences.

Since it comes in various fruity flavors, you can mix it up with an alcoholic drink. If you are the one who does not like the bitter taste of the alcoholic beverage, you can mix it up with some amount of Fanta in it as consume it. If you are at a party, you can play games while drinking Fanta shots.

While taking tequila shots, you can use Fanta to give your shots a different taste. You can even use Fanta to dilute your rum or whiskey and give it some fruity taste if you are not a fan of bitter drinks. If you are a beginner at drinking alcoholic beverages, Fanta will be much more helpful for you. The following are some ways in which you can serve Fanta.

  • Fanta in Big Jug.
  • Fanta in shot glasses.
  • Fanta with any alcoholic drink
  • Fanta with ice.

Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Keep your Fanta bottle in cold places like the freezer. It will keep it fresh and cold to serve. It is recommended to keep it in the freezer if you have the facility.
  2. Make it cool properly before you serve it. It tastes good when it is cold. Add ice cubes if you have not kept the bottle in a cold place.
  3. Check the expiry date of the bottle before you buy one. 
  4. If you just have bought Fanta and carried home to consume it, wait for a half-hour to let it settle. If you opened immediately, all the drinks would get spilled out. 
  5. Drink it quietly. Do not hurry into drinking all the Fanta in just one stroke.


  1. Do not shake the bottle since it carries soda in it. If you shake the bottle before you open it, all the Fanta will spill out.
  2. Do not buy a bottle of Fanta, which has expired. If you consume expired Fanta, there will be severe disorders with your stomach as well as your liver and kidney. 
  3. Do not drink the whole bottle of Fanta in one strike. It will harm your throat. You might get a mouth ulcer if you consume it quickly.

Interesting Facts on Fanta Flavors and its Company

Presenting some interesting facts that we dug deep to unravel. They will tell you not only the origin of Fanta, the maker behind it but also why it was even created in the first place. 

Fact #1: Fanta was created in Germany by the same company that created Coca Cola. 

Fact #2: It was created to make cold drinks available to the people of Germany, as it was difficult to transport the Cola syrup during World War II.

Fact #3: Fanta was created with whatever ingredients that were available in Germany, such as Apple pomace and whey.

Fact #4: The word Fanta was given by Joe Knipp, who was a salesman of the Coca Cola Company. It was derived from a German word meaning ‘Fantasie.’

Fact #5: The head company Coca Cola, gained its control back on Fanta after the Second World War ended.

Fact #6: The Fanta Company was discontinued due to unsettlement between the parent company and the branch of Germany that used to lead it.

Fact #7: The Company was relaunched in the year 1950 to give a tough competition to a newfound Company called Pepsi.

Fact #8: The maximum number of consumption for Fanta comes from the regions of South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Fact #9: Fanta is known for its advertisement, which is bold. Its first advertisement featured a group of ladies that represented each and every flavor of Fanta available.

Fact #10: The ladies that represented the Fanta Company advertisement were called the ‘Fantanas,’ and they used to have their jingle in the name of ‘Wanta Fanta.’

Fact #11: The campaign gained massive popularity until the summer of 2001. It was stopped for a while and again re-launched in the year of 2006 and 2009.

Recipes with Fanta Soda

In this segment, we will share with you some of the top three recipes that used Fanta as its core ingredient. It is not only tasty but also perfect for a hot summer day with the tangy taste pop in your mouth.

Orange Fanta Poppy Seed Bundt Cake

Who would have thought that it is possible to make an orange-flavored cake using Fanta as its ingredients, but this recipe really surprised me a lot, and it surely will surprise you as well.

  • 3 cups flour
  • 2 cups of sugar
  • Half teaspoon salt
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 tbsp poppy seed
  • 2 tsp of baking soda
  • 1 and a half cup of Fanta Orange
  • Vegetable oil
  • 1 tsp almond extract
  • ¾ cup powdered sugar
  • ¼ cup Orange Fanta
  • 1 tsp almond extract for the orange glaze

Heat your oven to 350 degrees, and grease the bundt pan properly. Take a large bowl and mix all the ingredients flour, poppy seed, sugar, baking soda, salt properly. Take another bowl and mix the eggs with orange Fanta, some oil, and almond extract. Combine both of the above two mixtures and mix it well. Now pour the batter onto the bundt pan, and bake it for around 50 to 60 minutes. Take a medium-size bowl and combine the powdered sugar, orange Fanta and almond extract to prepare the orange glaze. Once the cake is made and cooled, top it off with some glaze. Ready to serve.

Fanta Popsicles

Drinking a cool and refreshing drink is always welcome, but what about sucking on some cool popsicles? It lasts longer and is also tastier.

  • Flavoured Fanta Bottles
  • Popsicle Molds

This recipe is very simple and easy to make. All you have to do is fill the popsicles molds up to the rim, with different flavors of Fanta. You can even mix two flavors if you want. Add the handle to the Popsicle and freeze them for two hours in your refrigerator. Ready to serve.

Fanta Pop Ice Cream

A very simple but elegant recipe for your hot summer days. The Fanta ice cream is refreshing to eat, easy to make, and also very neat.

  • 4 cups of Fanta, any flavor will do.
  • 1 14 ounces Can of Sweetened and Condensed Milk
  • 1 cup whole milk

For this recipe, you will need an ice cream maker. Mix all the above-given ingredients and pour them into an ice cream maker. Freeze the ingredients well. After it’s done, freeze the mixture in a freezer to harden it enough to serve.

Banned Places of Fanta

Some countries have banned some of the flavors of Fanta. In Indonesia, some flavors like blueberry, melon, lychee, and many others are banned from selling or consuming. In Bulgaria, it is illegal to sell mixed flavors of Fanta like apple and lime, pineapple, and grapes. The same issue is with Croatia. It does not allow selling mixed flavors of Fanta. Even in Russia, you cannot find flavors like Kiwi, lime, guava, and many others since they are banned from producing in the country. But in most of the countries, it is legal to sell or consume orange-flavored Fanta. You will find one or more flavors of Fanta in your own country. No country banned Fanta.


Does Fanta Orange have caffeine?

No, Fanta Orange does not have any caffeine or any ingredient related to caffeine in it. It is safe to drink, even for kids.

Does Fanta have caffeine?

No, Fanta or any other flavors of it does not have caffeine in it.

Where can I buy Pineapple Fanta?

You can buy Pineapple Fanta from any nearby store that sells Fanta. It also depends upon if Fanta sells this flavor in your country or not.

How much sugar is in Fanta?

The amount of sugar in Fanta is 0.5 grams, which is equivalent to 2% of the entire mass.

How many calories in a bottle of Fanta?

There are approximately 3.2 kcal of calories in a typical bottle of Fanta.


Here are the Fanta Soda Prices, its making, and production. You must have surely enjoyed going through exciting facts and figures. One of the most important points about drinking Fanta is that it is very safe to be consumed even for children. But too much of everything is bad, so it is advisable to consume only 2 to 3 bottles a week. Keep visiting to get the updated Fanta Prices.

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