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Facebook Attempts to Rank Comments, Make Conversations Meaningful

Facebook is about to make conversations meaningful on public posts. The Company came up with an update where it will rank comments and promote them which are most relevant to users. It will show comments on public posts if the comments are from the page or from the person who posted it.

The Company stated that it will give priority to comments between the person who posted it or reactions from their friends etc. The Changes will be applicable to comments to the people having lots of followers and on public posts. Anyone can choose comment ranking feature via settings.

As per Reports, Facebook will rank the comments on how you interact whether you like, react or reply. Users can control the comments on their own posts by hiding, deleting or responding as per their wish. Facebook will even look for “integrity signals” and if the comments violate the standards of the company, it has all the rights to remove them.

Justine Shen, Product Manager at Facebook said in one of his statements “We will continue to take other signals into account so we do not prominently show low-quality comments, even if they are from the person who made the original post or their friends.”

Along with ranking posts in News Feed, Facebook Ranks Posts of People having many followers as they have more comments. However, to show the most relevant and quality comments Facebook takes a number of factors into consideration.

Integrity Signals: Facebook wants us to see authentic and safe comments. If the comments violate the standards of the company it will remove them. It even considers other factors such as engagement bait to improve the quality of comments people see, address the integrity of the information.

People’s Feedback on what they want to see in Comments: The Company is conducting surveys to understand what kind of comments people wish to see in the comment section.  So that, Facebook can rank those comments high.

How you interact with Comments: This collects data whether you react, reply or like on a comment.

What Poster Controls: Usually, Ranking is on by default for pages having a lot of followers. They can even turn off comment ranking. However, Comment ranking will not automatically turn on for People with few followers as there are only a few comments. But, if you want you can enable the comment ranking by going to the settings.

Facebook is not just concerned about comments but it also introduced a system to rank videos. This appears to be an attempt to improvise the quality of content shared across the platform. Hoping, this won’t be the last by the company in order to improvise the content on its platform.

Not just Facebook, even Twitter is also trying to improvise the conversations across its platform. Social Networking Gaint Facebook will consider other signals into account so that it won’t end up showing low-quality comments. The Company will not show the Comments if they are from the person who posted it or from their friends.

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