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Evian Water Bottle Prices | Fun Facts and Benefits

Water is the one tasteless thing that keeps us alive. It’s surprising to note that we drink so much water so unconsciously in our day to day lives that we don’t even realize it’s importance. We don’t ever think about it, but water keeps us going. This fact is supported by how our politicians and celebrities are convincing people to value it and not waste it.

If asked by a layman about the things that water does in our body, he would say that it quenches his thirst. But there is much more to it on the molecular level. Scientists claim to provide more than 50 functions that this simple compound does in our body. And this is only while talking about our body, whereas water is used everywhere else, be it washing your car or moisturizing your feet.

With all that said, one can say that water should be taken more seriously. Spending your money on the right water is also essential. Evian Water bottle got you covered. It is a brand of mineral water that comes from a number of sources close to Évian-les-Bains, on the south shore of Lake Geneva. The brand is owned by Danone now, and its water is considered luxury mineral water all around the world. Now let’s move on to the Evian Water Prices section.

Evian Water Prices of Different Sizes

One should not care about how expensive something is when it comes to their health. But for the sake of mentioning, the prices of all types of packings of Evian mineral water. Evian water price per bottle that is 750 ml is its smallest packing and costs around $2.39. You can buy the Evian water 1L bottle in a price range of $1.78 to $2.49 varying for different stores like Walmart and Walgreens. The last packing size is the 1.5L pack. Evian water glass bottle of 1.5 L will cost you around $2.79. Some good news now! Evian water 5 Gallon and other sizes is on sale! One can buy a pack of twelve 1L Evian bottled water for just $10.93.

Evian Water Prices image

Evian Water Price List

Below is the list Evian Water Prices at different stores of all the bottle sizes.

TypeSizeEvian Price
Evian Water1L$2.49
Evian Water Sport Cap750mL$2.39
Evian Water16.9 oz. (500mL)$1.89
Sam’s Club
Evian Water12 x 1L$10.93
Evian Water 1 Liter1L$1.78
Evian Water1.5L$2.79
Evian Water6 x 1L$9.99

Evian Bottled Water Properties and Nutrition Facts

When we choose something that we are going to consume, we are very choosy. Health is wealth, after all. So what are the Evian water benefits that make Evain drinking water so amazing and popular? There are a bunch of reasons, and we’ll mention all of them.

Firstly some Evian water facts: it adds a standard to this industry. For example, a tourist visiting the United States from Singapore might not get used to the normal water that is served in the states because of the difference in mineral content. 

So Evian mineral water has a name for its brand i.e., its water is the same everywhere no matter which country you are in.

The case of Evian water travels through several layers of glacial rocks at the beginning that adds many important minerals and electrolytes to it, giving it a different crisp taste. 

Evian water ingredients have noticeable levels of Sodium, Bicarbonate, Calcium and Magnesium bringing and Evian water pH value varies between 7 and 7.2 

This water tastes distinct, so some people might not like its taste, but it’s best if you are a health-conscious person.

Evian Drinking Water Consumption & Recipes

You can consume Evian water directly as it is one of best drinking waters. You can also mix it make your flavors. Some of them are as follows.

Evian Fruits & Plants, Grape & Rose:

Evian natural spring water is infused with fruit juices and botanicals to come up with its Evian Fruits and Plants range. The Grape and rose flavor has the sweetness of grapes and the fragrance of roses. It is packed with goodness in every sense.

Evian Fruits & Plants Raspberry & Verbena: 

Evian spring water is mixed with Evian fruits and plants like raspberry, and verbena flavor is everyone’s favorite. “It tastes very natural,” most people say. The raspberry and verbena flavor is highly refreshing and tastes fantastic.

Evian Fruits & Plants Lemon & Elderflower:

When Evian mineral water spray mixed with lemons, hit you up with fresh vibes, and that what Evian Fruits and Plants Lemon and Elderflower flavor do to you. Try this flavor in summers to boost your day.


Where does Evian Water come from?

Evian Water comes from a number of sources close to Évian-les-Bains, on the south shore of Lake Geneva

Where to buy Evian Water?

You can buy Evian drinking water from the stores near you or online from

Why is Evian Water so expensive?

Evian water is very expensive due to its purity and the bottles it is packed in.

How much is Evian Water?

The price range for different Evian Water Bottle size is $2.39 -$2.79

Is Evian Water Alkaline?

pH values of Evian water range from 7 to 7.2, so it is almost neutral and very less alkaline. 

How good is Evian Water?

Evian water contains a number of essential minerals and is highly pure.

What makes Evian Water different?

Water from every spring has a different taste. What makes Evian water different is the perfect balance of minerals in it that brings its taste.

Is Evian Water good?

According to Evian Water review from several users, yes, Evian water is very good.

What does Evian Water contain?

Evian water has detectable levels of Sodium, Bicarbonate, Calcium, Magnesium, and other minerals.

Is Evian Natural Spring Water?

Yes, Evian natural is Springwater.

Final Words

Now, choosing the right water should not be difficult for you, after all the things that are said about Evian Water. Evian Water is pure natural spring water that is always ready to efficiently quench your thirst and, at the same time, refresh you. Drinking this water will at least make sure you never have a health problem caused by water. The Evian Fruits and plants flavored range is also very refreshing and enjoyable to drink

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