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Dewars Prices for different sizes – Interesting facts and recipes!

Dewar’s is famous for its production of blended scotch whiskey. Though the company produces other drinks too, Dewars Scotch is one of the finest Scotch that you would have tasted. It was founded by John Dewar Sr. in 1846 and further expanded into a global brand with the help of his two sons, John A Dewar Jr. and Thomas Dewar. Not only that, the Dewar Scotch has even won awards, which includes a gold medal in 1904 in the St. Louis World Fair.

The Dewar company joined hands with distillers in the early 1920s, which was further acquired by Guinness and Grand Metropolitan until it was finally sold off to Bacardi by Diageo in 1998. The company has seen a change in the owner over several years. It never affected the quality of the Dewars drinks at all. Here, you would get to know the prices of the drinks by Dewars and the process from which it produces the fine Dewars single malt whiskey.

Dewar’s Prices at various stores in the US

The Dewars prices differ on the quantity of the drink in the bottle and the type of drink. The Dewars white label price for a 750ml bottle is $21.28 from Walmart, while a Dewar’s Blended scotch whiskey of 12 years, will cost you $29.68. The Dewars Highlander honey price is of $34. You can get a bottle of Dewar’s liquor at an average cost of $25 from any store. Though the cost varies according to the age of scotch whiskey, you can get a Dewar Scotch at a reasonable price at any shop.

Dewars Prices image

Dewar Scotch Price List



Dewars White Label Price750ml$21.28


Dewar’s White Label1.75l$48.99
Dewars White Label750ml$25.99


Dewars White Label1.75l$34.49


Dewars White Label750ml$23.99

Properties of Dewar’s Liquor

The process by which Dewar’s alcohol is made is pretty simple. Dewar’s scotch whiskey is made by blending several whiskeys produced by Dewars itself, which finally gives the exquisite taste to the drink. As a whiskey can have any flavor, it requires a master blender who can blend the drinks perfectly and make a nice Dewar’s Blended scotch whiskey.

The whiskeys are “married” in oak casks, and they are allowed to blend up to several times in the barrels itself. When the whiskey has appropriately blended, it is then poured into another oak cask for further aging and obtaining a smooth finish. It is even known that Dewar’s Scotch is nutritious for health as it consists of 69 calories in a shot, and if consumed in a proper manner, it won’t harm the body.

What is the right way of consumption of Dewar’s Alcohol?

There is a particular way in which you should consume you Dewar’s Blended Scotch Whisky, to obtain the perfect taste of the drink. Firstly, you need to find the perfect glass for drinking Dewar’s Scotch. You cannot enjoy it with a wine glass. It would be best if you had a solid tumbler for drinking whiskey.

After pouring the Dewar’s Single malt, please take a moment to inhale the drink and absorb its aroma, after which take a sip and allow the whiskey to take over your taste buds. The best way to consume a Dewar’s alcohol is to take time, especially when it comes to whiskey. Take your time and enjoy the drink. Add ice to enhance the taste. There are even specific Dewars recipes that you can try out with Dewar’s Scotch to enjoy the drink.

Do’s and Don’ts for Dewar’s Blended Scotch Whisky


  • Check for the age of the whiskey before buying. The Dewar’s Blended Scotch whiskey is available in 12 years and 18 years of age, which you can get from any store.
  • Check if the bottle has tampered or not. If you find any sign of opening or tampering, then do not buy the bottle
  • While drinking a Dewar’s Scotch, make sure to drink it while it is chilled, as it will give you the proper taste of the drink


  • Do not buy a bottle of Dewars if you do not find the logo of the brand in it
  • Consumption of whiskey, more than an adequate amount, is harmful to health, and it is advised not to drink more than stated.
  • While drinking whiskey, make sure to add some water if it is your first time trying whiskey. You can drink neat after you have tasted the whiskey beforehand.

Some interesting facts about Dewars liquor

  • Fact 1: Dewar’s Blended Scotch has more than forty of Scotland’s finest whiskeys and single malt blended to produce the result
  • Fact 2: Dewar’s blended scotch whisky of twelve and above years, are a result of blending in vintage oak casks, which are then given finishing and smooth taste afterward.
  • Fact 3: Dewar’s produce the whiskeys which are used for blending in its distilleries in Aberfeldy, Speyside, Macduff, Aultmore, Craigellachie, and Royal Brackla, all of which are located in the Scotland highlands.
  • Fact 4: The Dewar’s white label is blended in oak casks for around three to four years, and then it is bottled and sold. It is used as a cocktail, due to its exquisite taste and price.
  • Fact 5: For the production of the Dewar’s blended scotch whiskey 18 years, John Dewar Sr. along with his sons, got a royal warrant from Queen Elizabeth III in 1955, which has helped them in providing people with the finest whiskey of all time.

Recipes with Dewars Alcohol

There are different types of cocktails that you can try out with the Dewars Mixed Drinks. Here are a few simple yet popular cocktails which you can make with the help of Dewar’s liquor.

  1. Godfather cocktail: For making this cocktail, you would require one and a half parts of Dewar’s white label and half parts of Disaronno liqueur. Mix it in a glass and serve it.
  2. Rob Roy cocktail: The Rob Roy Cocktail requires two parts of the Dewars White label Blended scotch whiskey, one part of Martini Rosso, a dash of bitters, lemon zest, and a whole cherry. Mix all the liquid ingredients in a glass and stir well. Add the bitters and allow it to dissolve. Use the cherry for garnishing the cocktail.
  3. Rusty nail: For this cocktail, you would need one and a half parts of Dewar’s blended scotch whiskey along with half part of Drambuie liqueur, appropriately mixed and served in a tumbler.
  4. Scotch sour: For making Scotch sour, you need two parts of Dewar’s Scotch, ¾ parts of fresh lemon juice, half parts of sugar syrup, a maraschino cherry, orange slice, egg white and ice. Add all the liquid ingredients in a glass over ice. Add the egg white and mix properly, after which you can garnish it with cherry and a slice of orange.
  5. Highland: For making Highland, you need one part of Dewar’s scotch whiskey, one part of Martini Rosso Vermouth, and a dash of orange bitters. Mix both the drinks in a glass and add the bitters. Allow the bitterness to dissolve properly and then serve it.


How much is Dewar’s Scotch?

You can get a bottle of Dewars Highlander Honey at $34, while a Dewars white-label will costs you $21

How many calories in Dewar’s Scotch?

A shot of Dewar’s scotch shot consists of 69 calories

What kind of liquor is Dewars?

Dewars is a scotch whiskey type of drink, which is made by blending over forty types of whiskeys

What to mix with Dewars Scotch?

You can mix Martini Rosso, Disaronno liqueur and other varieties of drinks with Dewar’s Scotch and make a splendid cocktail

How much does Dewar’s scotch cost?

A bottle of Dewars Scotch of 750ml costs $21.28

What is Dewar’s Scotch made from?

Dewar’s Scotch is made by blending over forty whiskeys made by different distilleries of Dewars

How many carbs in Dewar’s Scotch?

A shot of Dewar’s Scotch consists of zero carbs

How much is a bottle of Dewars?

The cost of Dewar’s Scotch varies on the type and quantity of the drink. For a 750ml bottle of Dewars Scotch, the price is $21.28

Is Dewars a good scotch?

Yes, Dewars is a good scotch, as it has perfect flavors and texture.

Final Words

This guide of Dewars prices and facts will help you to know the prices of Dewar’s scotch whiskeys based on the age of the drink and the quantity of the drink. Here, you would even get to know about some interesting facts and the cocktails which you can make with the help of Dewar’s liquor.

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