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Chivas Regal Prices – Ultimate combination of savouring scotch!

What is Chivas Regal? It is the premium brand of scotch whiskey was founded at the beginning of the 18th century, that is, 1801 by James and John Chivas. It has its homeland and the distiller location in the heart of Scotland, Banffshire. This whiskey slash scotch, made by brothers, goes on to say that just like the foundation was done by brotherhood, even after centuries, the people sharing Chivas Regal bottle should also share it with their brothers and friends. See the Chivas Regal prices before you decide to visit the store.

Intoxicating Chivas Regal Whisky Price Range

With the ancestry of the grandeur of this whiskey kept in mind, the Chivas Regal Price in USA is expected to be much higher, but as found, it is pretty reasonable. In keeping with the current date, the rates vary with the quantity of bottles, starting from a shot of 50 ml bottle worth around three to five dollars, whereas the standard 750 ml bottle costs up to 20 to 35 dollars, depending on the store where it is available.

Chivas Regal Prices image

Chivas Regal Whisky Prices

Below are the Chivas Regal prices at different stores.

TypeSizeChivas Regal Cost


Chivas Regal 12 750ml price750ml$29.97


Chivas Regal 12 years old price750ml$23.89


Chivas Regal 750ml 12 Year Old750ml$32.99

Chivas Regal Scotch Whiskey and its Respective Properties

Although, the Chivas Regal alcohol content is a standard 40 percent by volume in 30 ml, which goes upto 50 percent in 100 ml. It has 66 calories in 30 ml, zero carbohydrates, zero proteins, and zero sugar whatsoever. The alcohol per gram varies though, such as 30 ml has gone up to 9.6, whereas 100 ml goes to 38.

Right way to sip it

There are several ways to take this drink and mix it up with other ingredients to make even more excellent recipes with great taste. The ingredients could be syrups, orange juice, ginger ale, coffee, or any other juice and even things like cream and sliced lemon.

Right way to serve it

The premium kind of scotch whiskey that Chivas Regal is, it can be served in tall glasses, double coupes, highball glasses, or even lowballs with sliced lemon or orange at the top of the glass, or the cover of orange as for visual purposes. Ice is a must-have for all of the recipes.

Do’s and Don’ts regarding every intake of Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky


  1. Chivas Regal should always be consumed in proper moderation as it is a very strong drink, which, if taken in higher amounts, can cause a lot of harm to your liver.
  2. Chivas Regal is a versatile drink. A lot of delicious and delightful recipes can be made out of it. Try mixing something like lime juice, orange juice, ginger ale et cetera to lower its concentration, which will also reduce its damage to your body.
  3. Like any other whiskey, Chivas Regal needs ice to bring out the flavor and chill associated with the drink itself.
  4. Steer the whiskey around your mouth; this will help you to enjoy the exotic taste and its signature smoothness all over your taste buds.


  1. Like any other alcoholic beverage, you should never opt for driving after its intake as Chivas Regal is a very strong whiskey with 40 percent alcohol content, capable of making anyone dizzy quite easily.
  2. Chivas regal alters your diet intake, hence any heavy or fried food should be avoided at all costs, or it will all come out with the vomit.
  3.  Teenagers and pregnant women should steer clear of consuming Chivas Regal whiskey at all costs.

Chivas Regal Recipe – Correct ways to mix it and fix it!

The best way to have your malt is pour it on the rocks, in the perfect Whiskey glass, smell the aroma of the rich brew, close your eyes and SIP (do not gulp it down) steer the drink all across your mouth and let every corner cherish the rich flavour. Sometimes burnt, sometimes bitter, smokey, or musk, the idea is to let your brain register the taste and aroma and slightly devour the drink slowly onto your throat and then the stomach. Anyhoo, several beverages can still be made into delicious cocktails with Chivas Regal, out of which some are listed below:

1. Chivas Collins

For this recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 2 Slices of Green Apple (Granny Smith)
  • 50ml Chivas Regal 12
  • 100ml Lemonade
  • 50ml Soda Water
  • 1 x Lime Wheel

Take a glass and place slices of green apple at the bottom of the glass. Now pour Chivas Regal 12 in the glass and allow it to rest for a few minutes so that the apple can improve the taste profile of the whiskey. Now give it a quick stir. Top the drink with club soda to reduce the sweetness and add a little fizzy touch to it. Garnish the drink with a lemon wheel and serve it with long straw in the glass.

2. Rob Roy

For this recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 50ml Chivas Regal 12
  • 12.5ml Lillet Blanc
  • 12.5ml Lillet Rouge
  • Dash Angostura Bitters
  • 1 Orange

Take an orange and prepare an orange twist from it. Now take a mixing glass and pour Chivas Regal in it. Add Lillet Blanc and Lillet Rouge to the mixing glass and stir the mixture until the ingredients are mixed well. Now add dash Angostura bitters and ice in the mixing glass and stir the mixture again. Pour the drink into cocktail glasses and garnish it with a freshly prepared orange twist. Serve the drink immediately.

3. Morning Glory Fizz

For this recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 50ml Chivas Regal 12
  • 10ml White Sugar
  • A dash of Pernod Absinthe
  • 5ml Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 15ml Lime juice
  • 25ml Egg White
  • Soda water

Take a cocktail shaker and pour the freshly squeezed lemon juice in it. Add sugar according to your taste and a dash of Pernod Absinthe into the cocktail shaker. Now add Chivas Regal 12 to the cocktail shaker and then add the egg white to it. Dry shake the mixture in the cocktail shaker for a few minutes so that it gets mixed. Add ice to the cocktail shaker and shake it again. Pour the drink into a highball glass and top it with soda allowing it to foam to the rim of the glass. Serve the drink immediately.


How to drink Chivas Regal?

Some of the best ways to drink Chivas Regal are:
Straight- first take its scent and then drink it
On the rocks- add ice to the drink and take a sip.
With a bit of water- mix equal parts of whiskey and water.
With ginger ale- add ginger ale and lime to the whiskey.

How much is Chivas Regal?

Chivas Regal comes in four different flavors: Chivas Regal 12, 18, 25, and 21. The price range falls between $25 to $50. However, all of them are priced according to their flavor and quantity.

How much is a bottle of Chivas Regal?

Chivas Regal 12 costs around $30 to $40, and Chivas Regal 18 gold signature price is around $40 to $45 for 750ml bottle.

Where is Chivas Regal made?

Home of the famous and luxurious drink Chivas Regal is Strathisla Distillery at Keith, Moray in Speyside, Scotland. Scotland is the oldest continuously operating Highland distillery, which was founded in 1786.

How much is Chivas Regal 12?

Chivas Regal 12 price is around $30 to $40, depending on the store where it is available at.

What to mix with Chivas Regal?

Some of the best ways to drink Chivas Regal are to add ice, mix equal parts of whiskey and water also you can add ginger ale and lime.

What kind of alcohol is Chivas Regal?

Chivas Regal is a blended scotch whiskey that is made by barrel aging, both malt, and wheat whiskey, for approximately 12 to 18 years. 

Where to buy Chivas Regal?

You can buy Chivas Regal online from Chivas’s official website You can also buy your Chivas Regal from local liquor stores near you for a pretty reasonable price.

Where is Chivas Regal distillery?

The Chivas Regal distillery is located in Banffshire, Scotland. There, it has been standing for centuries now.


Get the updated Chivas Regal prices above at different stores like Walmart, Target and more. There might be changes in the price any time. So, visit for regular updates on prices.

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