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Bud Light Lime A Rita Prices – Affordable and Refreshing!

Margaritas are the perfect summer drink; anyone would love to soak in the sun and sip on a glass of margarita peacefully. One would think about this, it is a lovely drink, but the hard work that goes behind it is not always fun. 

To save you from all the madness and hard work, Bud Light Lime A Rita is the perfect companion. This drink is manufactured by Anheuser- Busch and is the right blend of tequila and lime flavor, which is well-loved by all. 

The name of the drink comes from its personality, the unique blend, and how it is for the bold women out there. The brand has been created to reflect the bold identity of today’s women. Hence the drinks are also called Ritas. It is a margarita in a can. It just can’t get better than this. Now let’s check the Bud Light Lime a Rita Prices below.

Bud Light Lime A Rita Price

One thing that sets apart the drink from your basic canned beverages is that it has so many flavors and types to choose from. For once, you might just get confused with the choice of flavor, but once you develop a taste, you would know which one is your favorite. 

Around the United States of America, there are 21 Bud Light Lime a Rita Flavors that you will find, ranging from strawberry flavor to coconut. Each flavor has been defined based on the ingredients like in Bud Light Lime a Rita Ingredients are mainly lime, whereas in a Strawber-Rita the ingredient would be strawberry.

Bud Light Lime Rita Prices image

The number and type of flavors you get vary from region to region, which can be checked through the official website. The same website sells the cans as well, where a 25 oz can is available for around $3, and a pack of 12 would cost you around $13. The order can be placed on it, and it will reach you within sixty minutes. Bud Light Lime a Rita Prices are as follows.

Bud Light Lime-A-Rita Prices

Lime-A-Rita12 x 8 oz. Can$11.17
Lime-A-Rita25 oz. Can$2.67
Lime-A-Rita25 oz. Can$2.79
Lime-A-Rita12 x 8 oz. Can$13.99

Properties of Bud Lime A Rita

Lime a Rita Alcohol Percentage for its basic cans is around 8%, which is why it comes under the category of malt liquor. A good temperature to serve any of these would be between 35 – 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

There is another category that is quite similar to the margarita cans with 8% ABV, which has 6% ABV and is primarily known as the spritz category of Ritas. These are again malt liquor but are cheaper than the margaritas and are available in 16 oz packs. For a combo pack, you will mostly find them in a pack of four and not more. 

Bud Light Lime a Rita Flavours, are also available on the website in mini versions of the same ones you will find in 25 oz packs. The smaller ones are usually 16 oz packings and are available at almost half the price. There is no difference in alcohol content. Only the packing becomes smaller. 

Whichever version or flavor you choose to have, that Bud Light Lime a Rita Splash in your mouth will be equally explosive. These drinks are a sweeter alternative for people who don’t like the usual bitter taste of beer. Any men and women are welcome to have these fruity concoctions brewed to perfection by Anheuser-Busch. 

Bud Light Lime A Rita Consumption

Bud Light Lime a Rita Reviews, has been divided between two segments of people, ones who like the sweet taste and the ones who simply prefer the bitter taste that beer or alcoholic drinks have. Although it entirely depends on how you consume it. 

Lime a Rita Sugar Content, has been the talk among many, but one can change it according to his/her taste. People love the coconut flavor of the same drink and add more alcoholic drinks like vodka to enhance the flavor and get a hint of coconut in the background.

The whole idea behind the creation of a fruity drink like this is to add that refreshing factor to the party, which just alcoholic drinks don’t have. Some people even add more flavor like more lime juice to their drink and enjoy that little hint of alcohol with that refreshment. 

The most basic way to consume a Bud Light Lime a Rita is to drink a chilled one straight out of the can. Many customers in restaurants and bars prefer it that way. But a few bars have started experimenting a little with it and served it in the form of a cocktail.

Here are a few ways in which bartenders have been experimenting with Bud Lime a Rita:

  • Mojitos

Mojitos are a favorite drink of men, women of all drinking ages. It is an essential drink but can be turned into a flavor bomb with the help of Rita. With add on rum, strawberries and a little lime juice, this drink tastes very good on an evening out with friends. 

  • Watermelon margs

This margarita can be done with any flavor of the Ritas, although watermelon ones combined with lime ones have been quite popular among rest. Combining the two flavors with a little more tequila, one would have the perfect concoction for a party night. 

Interesting Facts about Bud Lime A Rita

The brand for the famous margaritas has been in the beer industry since 2012 and became the second best selling new product that year. Moving on from there, in 2013, one of the flavors from the franchise, mainly the Strawberr-Rita, was the largest shareholder in the entire beer industry.

These are facts about the famous Bud Light Lime a Rita, which people have come to love over the years. This kind of love was expected from the consumers. Given its producer, Anheuser-Busch itself holds a 48% share of the beer industry. 

The fact that Lime a Rita, followed by Strawber-Rita, is the top flavored malt beverage among all the brands that are there in the United States of America, is astounding. One would also think that the major consumers of the product have been women, but in reality, it is a fifty-fifty ratio among the two genders, irrespective of Lime a Rita Prices. 

Recipes with Bud Light Lime A Rita Flavours

The reason behind the drink becoming so popular so quickly is that it has a lot of scope for experimentation. Whenever you have a party at home, you can buy a 12 pack, and the Bud Light Lime a Rita Price 12 Pack comes to somewhere around $13-15, which isn’t much. You can mix and match with more ingredients and enjoy the homemade recipes. We have a few for you right here. 

The Rebel

With no added Bud Light Lime a Rita Calories, this drink is trendy since its made from the top-selling, Lime a Rita. There are only a few ingredients you would expect for 3 oz Lime a Rita, which is the main ingredient. 

  1. 1 oz jalapeno-infused tequila
  2. 1-2 slices of jalapeno
  3. Salt
  4. Lime wedge
  5. Highball glass
  6. Jigger
  7. Knife

When you have all this in place, fill up the glass with ice, after you have rimmed the edge with salt. Add Lime a Rita and tequila to the glass and finally garnish with the jalapenos. This can be the perfect drink for a summer party. 

Grapefruit mule

This drink uses the Bud Light Lime a Rita Gluten Free version, which is the grapefruit margarita drink and many other soulful drinks in the background. It is an easy drink to prep and again needs fundamental ingredients that you can easily find and will be close to the Lime a Rita cost only.

  1. ½ oz lime juice
  2. 1 ½ oz grapefruit Rita
  3. 1 oz triple sec
  4. 2 oz ginger beer 
  5. 2 oz vodka
  6. Mug 
  7. Jigger
  8. Bar spoon 

The grapefruit mule is a more loved drink recipe, which involves a Rita because it has vodka and beer as well. The taste is entirely different than your basic drink. It is comparatively quick to make because all ingredients just have to add in the jug with ice and simple stirred after. 

Where you won’t Find Bud Lime A Rita? – Banned Places

It is always better to check which flavor is available in which region of the United States. It is a common occurrence that you will find a 12 pack in some areas and a 24 pack in others. This entirely depends on the consumption pattern of that location and the nearby stores. Bigger packs are more affordable, like Bud Light Lime a Rita 24 Pack Price is less than the total of the 24 individual cans. 

Missouri is the main location where the drink is sold, so you will always find all Rita flavors there. It is a bit tricky to find the drink in other locations, but you can always order it through websites like Saucey was it available for locations like LA, Dallas, Chicago, and many more. 


What is in a Bud Light Lime a Rita?

There is added lime flavor, 8% alcohol, and triple sec in the Lime Rita flavors. 

How many calories in a Bud Light Lime a Rita?

The drink has about 220 calories, which is more than many others. 

Where can I find Bud Light Lime a Rita?

You can either order through the official website or check your nearby stores for it. 

How much is Bud Light Lime a Rita?

The price of a 25 oz can is $3.04 on the official website. 

What Alcohol is in Bud Light Lime a Rita?

The alcohol content of the Ritas comes from malted barley. 

How many carbs are there in Bud Light Lime a Rita?

Out of the total calories, 21.9 grams are carbohydrates in a Lime a Rita.

How much sugar is in Bud Light Lime a Rita?

The sugar content in all Ritas is zero grams. 

Does Bud Light Lime a Rita have Beer in It?

The brewing of the drink is done like traditional beer is brewed; it is only margarita flavored.

Is Bud Light Lime a Rita gluten-free?

It is brewed using barley, hence the drink is not gluten-free. 


Bud light is already a well-known brand, so once you can trust that Lime a Rita is a good drink and given it has topped charts already, it deserves a try from all of us. For all those who are looking for something different than basic beer, this is the perfect chance to experiment. Visit to know the latest Bud Light Lime a Rita Prices at all stores from time to time. 

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