Author: Tracey Reed

Gmail’s Dynamic Email Rolls Out for Users from July 2

Earlier in this year, Google added Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support to Gmail. AMP made it possible to create interactive content that works right with Gmail. These dynamic emails will allow users to take certain actions within an email without leaving their present screen. Google has stated that it will launch these dynamic emails to […]

Google Chrome New Extension lets Users Report Suspicious Sites

Google introduced a New Chrome Extension as the need for safe browsing is increasing day to day. Tech Savy Users know how to protect them online however some of them fall prey for online phishing scams and malicious sites. Google is trying to protect users online from deceptive websites with tow new features. Search giant […]

Truecaller to add Free Voice VoIP Calling Feature

Truecaller famous as Anti- Spam Software rolls out a new Voice Call Feature which enables Voice Calls over the VoIP Protocol. This new feature will be available on all Android Devices from July 10th. Voice Calling Feature will roll out on its Android Devices. iOS Version is expected to arrive in the coming months. The […]

Huawei Laptops Comeback to Microsoft Online Store

Huawei Laptops disappeared for a month mysteriously from the Microsoft Online Store. However, Chinese Company Huawei made a come back in the Online Store. Laptops MateBook 13, MateBook and MateBook X Pro are available in the Store again. However, MateBook X Pro is currently out of stock and the rest are available Online. The disappearing […]

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