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Amp Energy Drink Prices – Facts about your Everyday Energy Booster!

Getting ready for a race? Planning to hit an all-nighter? Feeling low and lazy? Get an energy drink. We all know how energy drinks help us feel more awake and alert, and how we drastically increase our productivity just by a Can of them. But the problem is which one to choose. Amp Energy drinks got you covered.

Amp Energy Prices image
Amp Energy Prices image

This Amp Energy is an Energy Drinks brand produced in 2001 by RockStar Inc, owned by PepsiCo. It is one of the most trusted brands for Energy drinks in the United States. Statistics say that Amp energy drinks ranked among the top 5 most selling energy drinks brands in the states.

Amp Energy got such a huge recognition and trust mostly because of its connection with Mountain Dew. From 2001 to 2008, Amp energy drinks had Mountain Dew logo on their labels because they were sold under Mountain Dew brand, but from 2009, they started producing these drinks under their label. 

 Amp comes from the word amphetamine. Amphetamines are very strong drugs that are used to stimulate the central nervous system. In a figure of speech, they get you amped. Amp Energy offers a number of flavors for its consumers like Amp Energy Strawberry Limeade, Amp Energy Cherry blast, Amp Energy zero, and Orange Amp energy drink. Now the exciting part is that the company claims that each flavor has a slightly different effect than the other. Let’s move on to the Amp Energy Prices section..

Amp Energy Drink Price

In this busy world, we all need the energy to survive, so we often come down to energy drinks as our last resort of energy. And it’s, in fact, important in this tiring world. Amp energy drinks are very effective, and they fit in your budget. Although, when it’s about giving your 100 % in a football match or just about preparing a PowerPoint presentation late at night, we don’t care about the money. We want to get our things done. But you don’t have to worry about Amp energy prices.

Amp Energy Prices

Type Size Amp Energy Drink Price
Original 16 oz. Can $1.50
Strawberry Limeade  16 oz. Can $1.99
Original  16 oz. Can $1.99
Cherry Blast  16 oz. Can $1.99
Tropical Punch  16 oz. Can $1.99

There are a number of flavors provided by Amp, but their prices are the same. At K-Mart, you can get your favorite 16 oz can at $1.99, while at Walmart, just at $1.5.

Amp Energy Properties

It, of course, takes something to be ranked as one of the most selling energy drinks in a country. Amp Energy Drinks are actually among the best of energy drinks in the market. They get you boosted and help you complete your work before those silly deadlines. 

8 oz of Amp energy drink contains about 110 calories in total. This amount is much similar to other drinks of the same type (excluding diet drinks). It has no fat or cholesterol whatsoever. One serving of Amp energy drink contains 70mg of Sodium and 29g of sugar. The caffeine content is pretty high to boost your day. It offers around 75mg of caffeine per serving. Amp energy drinks contain 9mg of potassium but no iron or calcium. 

Amp Energy also offers a no sugar pack, namely Amp Zero Energy Drink. Sugar Free amp energy drinks only contain about 5 calories per 8 oz of serving. Amp Energy drinks have several flavors, but the most preferred one is the red cherry override flavor.

Different Amp Energy Flavors

The flavors of Amped Energy Drink available in the market are,

  • Original
  • Black Tea
  • Traction
  • Overdrive
  • Elevate
  • Green Tea
  • Relaunch
  • Amp Sugar Free Energy Drink
  • Sugar-Free Lightning
  • Lightning
  • Amp Energy Drink Strawberry Limeade

AMP Energy Drink Ingredients

  • Carbonated Water
  • Citric Acid
  • Natural Flavor
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Orange Juice Concentrate
  • Caffeine
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Sodium Hexametaphosphate
  • Calcium Disodium EDTA
  • Brominated Vegetable Oil
  • Cyanocobalamin

Amp Energy Drink Nutrition Facts

As per Amp Energy Drink nutrition label, the nutrition facts per 100g:

  • Sodium- 27mg
  • Potassium- 3mg
  • Carbs- 12g
  • Sugar- 12g
  • Caffeine- 31mg
  • Calories- 46
  • (Amp Sugar-Free Energy Drink Calories- 5)

Amp Energy Review

People are getting more and more aware with each passing day and starting to realize the importance of health and fitness. So they try to avoid these energy drinks due to its contents and ingredients. Good news for the health-conscious folks, the brand has also released an organic pack of their energy drinks. So with the Amp Organic Energy drinks and Diet Amp Energy drinks, you can be sure about your health too. Euromonitor beverages analyst, Matthew Barry, said in an interview, “I think there are probably a pretty large number of them who are paying more attention to what they are putting in their bodies than they used to,”​

So if you don’t prefer the standard Amp Energy Drink, go for the Amp Organic Energy Drink. 

Do’s and Don’ts


  •  Keep track of total caffeine intake for each day.
  • Drink chilled Amp Energy Drinks.
  • Consult a doctor if suffering from a medical condition before drinking Amp Energy Drink.
  • Drink Amp Energy drinks during day time 


  • Don’t drink more than 2 Amp Energy drinks per day.
  • Don’t drink it immediately before or during a vigorous workout.
  • Also, don’t mix it with alcohol.
  • Don’t consume it if pregnant or in some other medical condition.


Where to buy Amp Energy drink?

You can easily buy Amp Energy drinks from websites like Amazon and your nearest stores like K-Mart and Walmart. 

How much caffeine does Amp Energy drinks have?

Amp Energy Drinks contain about 75mg of caffeine, nearly the same as an 8 oz cup of coffee.

What is an Amp Energy drink?

Amp Energy drinks are top-selling energy drinks produced by Amp Energy developed by Rockstar Inc. and owned by PepsiCo.

Where to buy Blue Amp Energy drink?

You can easily buy Blue Amp Energy drinks from websites like Amazon and your nearest stores like K-Mart and Walmart.

How much Sugar is in Amp Energy Drink?

Every 100 g of Amp Energy Drinks contain about 12g of sugar.

Are AMP energy drinks bad for you?

AMP energy drinks are highly risk for children and adolescents. It’s potential risks are increase in heart rate and BP, insomnia, anxiety, dehydration, heart failure, and irregular heartbeat.

Are AMP energy drinks being discontinued?

Except AMP Energy drinks original flavor, citrus all other are discontinued by PepsiCo.


This Amp energy review was enough for anyone to know about what they are going to drink. Amp Energy is an old brand and can be trusted. Refer to Amp Energy prices above and choose your flavor. Get ready to be amped and complete your tasks with full energy.

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